Monday, January 31, 2011

He's Sort Of Gandalf-y

I came across the Liz Dean Golden Tarot by chance in a mad dash to Barnes and Noble to find a deck I could use for my first professional reading session, since the only deck I owned at the time was one to which I was too personally attached to use in reading for strangers. I didn't end up using it for long, though. If you like to collect tarot decks because you're into the cool artwork, then this one is a great one to have. The artwork of the majors is fantastic, and I still love it, even though....and here comes the's pretty much useless for actual reading. The cardstock is horribly flimsy, and the laminate is so slippery it's nearly impossible to shuffle. But again, let me stress, this is not a deck that should be shunned altogether. The artwork is awesome, and worth the cost of the deck, even with the poorly executed physical attributes and the unillustrated pips. Just keep it as a collectible, and use another deck to do actual readings.

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