Monday, January 31, 2011

This Deck Can Handle It

The Kat Black Golden Tarot is my trustiest deck. (Well, aside from my personal deck, anyway.) It's become the only one I use when I do Tarot Days at the Manor. This deck is certainly completely beautiful, with it's well-done collage art and gilt edges, but it's also physically tough, which helps a lot when you use it as much as I do. I'll admit, I don't go easy on the decks I use for regular readings. I'm not, like, mean about it or anything, but I see them as more utilitarian than cosmetic. I feel a lot more comfortable with a deck when it looks and feels worn-in. This card here is The Queen of Wands, which you may remember from a few entries ago. It's one of my favorite cards across the board, and I think it's definitely the most beautiful card in the Kat Black deck.

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