Thursday, February 24, 2011

And There's One With Mermaids, And One With A Unicorn, And.....

Spent some time today poking around online for tarot decks I haven't seen yet, and ran across today's entry.  It's a regular playing card deck, and it's so awesome that if I wasn't so dependent on visual cues I would totally use it for divination.

It's printed by a Japanese game company called Okuno Karuta.  The title of the deck was listed only as "1938 - 1939".  I am completely in love with the way the images are painted, with smudges of color, especially the shades of frosty white.  And the pictures are so interesting!  How often do you see hammerhead sharks on a playing card?  My other favorite is the four of hearts.  Bees!


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