Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Halloween All Year Round

I was sure I would like the Halloween Tarot when I ordered it, but I ended up totally loving it.  This deck is completely awesome.  It follows the Waite-Smith pattern very closely, so the visual cues I'm used to are all right there in an obvious way.  The colors are vibrant, but the nighttime vibe is still front and center.  Some of the cards are a little more cartoony than others, but the majority of the deck stays firmly on the side of "whimsical but not insipid".

The Halloween Tarot has two cards that are my favorite versions:  The Knight of Pentacles and the Death card.  The Knight of Pentacles is my best friend's card, so I've seen lots of different versions of it.  Somehow, the Halloween one just resonates the most with me.  He's sporting some rockin' armor, and gets to ride a brown unicorn wearing a rad imp-covered hood.  What could be better than that?  Now, when it comes to the Death card, I know this one is not exactly representative of the dark vibe you usually see.  But there's just something.... the scene, the colors, the weird purple sunflowers, the death's head moth in the lower corner....  Nothing not to like about it.


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