Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tell Me About The Ents Again, Phillip!

I'd forgotten about this one until I was at work today with a friend who loves The Lord Of The Rings.  I mean, he's read the whole shebang, including The Silmarillion.  I really enjoy talking to him about Tolkien, because he's like an encyclopedia, and it's much more fun to hear him describe everything LotR than to try and wade through the books.  (Which I AM going to do someday....maybe....but I have to admit, I'd rather find a well-done unabridged audiobook version.)

Anyway!  There's a Lord Of The Rings tarot.  Well, I've actually run across a few of them, but this one seems to follow a less-flash, more-substance kind of path, rather than just having photo stills of Liv Tyler all over the cards:

I think pop-culture-based decks can be useful when doing professional readings, because customers can latch on to images they already recognize, but it can be really hard to find a pop culture deck with an actual connection between the images and the meanings of the cards.  For instance, I was recently delighted to find out that a Sailor Moon tarot exists, but I likely won't buy it, because the cards are covered in random images that would make it extremely hard to do readings with.  This particular Lord of the Rings deck, though, I think is impressive.  It looks like an effort has been made to use meaningful scenes from the story.


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