Friday, February 11, 2011

That Centaur Must Have Really Pissed Him Off

There are a few "art nouveau" tarot decks out there, but there's one, in particular, that seems to capture the style best.  It's just called "Tarot Art Nouveau",  and it's as beautiful as can be.  Unfortunately, it runs into a common problem of highly artful decks:  the minors are pretty much useless for actual reading.  The major arcana are fantastic.  They stick fairly closely to Waite-Smith themes, so visual cues are abundant.  The Strength card is especially cool, and one of the most powerful I've ever seen.  No lady forcing open a lion's mouth in this one.  No, here, we've got a dude fighting a CENTAUR.  And he's kicking that centaur's ass.  He's got it bent over his knee in a nearly physically impossible position, and he's about to beat it to death with a knobby club.  I mean, seriously....yikes.

Anyway, the minor arcana in this deck are just as amazing as the major, but the symbolism pretty much completely disappears, and it becomes just a deck full of beautiful images:

This is another one of those decks that's great to have as a collector's item, but not so good for doing actual readings with. 


And just another reminder, because it's fast approaching:  My next tarot session at Marjim Manor will be on Sunday, Febraury 20th, from 12-6 pm.  Have some wine and hear the famous ghost story while you wait for your reading!


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