Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am addicted to papercraft models.  I've made everything from vintage carousels to chinese dragons to haunted houses to blue whales to Big Ben to the paper TARDIS that hangs over my computer monitor.  But there's one type of model I have never been able to master, and that's papercraft flowers.  They are hard as hell.  Seriously.  The techniques involved are something I can't seem to make work most of the time....the rolling, the creasing, the fact that everything has to be double-sided....  There's a lot of pressure on the points where you glue pieces together, because most of the time you have to curl the pieces into a curved shape, and all paper, no matter what, really really wants to be flat.  A lot of times, no matter how long I pinch down a petal or a leaf, waiting for the glue to dry, once I let go, the paper rebels and pops flat again.  Arg.

Anyway, I basically gave up on papercraft flowers a long time ago.  Until today, when I decided to give it one more last final go.  I chose a lily because, to be blunt, it looked easiest, and had the fewest pieces.  It took me all day, but.....


I photoshopped the background out, so the picture would look nicer, and there it is!  I actually finished a flower.  As you can see from the shine on the stem, I had to wrap it in tape to keep it rolled tight, but otherwise, I'm pretty proud of myself.  Not that this changes my mind about papercraft flowers, but you know, baby steps.



Since today's my birthday, here's a link to a tutorial for a birthday tarot spread:


Friday, March 11, 2011


I may have mentioned before that I've been keeping my eye out for a well-done Sailor Moon tarot deck, because I really, really love Sailor Moon.  Well, I mean, back when I was younger I really, really loved it.  Like.....a lot.  Like....a super lot.  Ahem.

Anyway!  I bumped into this during some web surfing just now, and had to post about it immediately.

I present to you....a well-done Sailor Moon tarot deck!!

WOOT!  Gorgeous styling, and images that seem to fit the meanings of the cards!

Here's the link if you'd like to check out the whole shebang:


Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Interesting Jokers - Part 2

A bunch of really cool joker cards.  We'll let the awesomeness speak for itself:

The "Busy Relaxing" deck:

The "Key To The Kingdom" deck:

The "Boxer" deck:

The "Owl" deck:

The "El Dorado" deck:

And last, but not least, the "Adult Swim" deck:


Monday, March 07, 2011

Interesting Jokers - Part 1

In my ramblings online, looking for decks of cards I haven't seen, I run across some very interesting joker cards.

First up, the joker from the "National Club" deck.

Now this one wouldn't be such a conundrum if I could figure out what the hell this kid is riding.  I mean, I get that he's like a Baby New Year-type, and there's a star and he's carrying a pack of....paper somethings.  But what is the long thing?  A compass point?  Can't be a pen...  I am confused.

Next, the joker from a deck listed as "Aladdin":

More craziness.  I'd love to know what this deck was either promoting or representing.  Has anyone heard of a company where a rabbit in an egg was the mascot?

Next, the joker from a promotional deck for the Chicago and Alton Railroad, whose tagline was "The Only Way", which I'm assuming means it was meant to be considered as the only way to travel.

Maybe "Cow Boy Girl" was the entertainment at events sponsered by the railroad.....who knows?  I do know she looks like somebody I wouldn't want to cross.  I can't decide if that's a snake or a whip under her boot.

Next the joker from a deck called "Moon No. 1":

Awesome, but also kind of creepy.  This moon's wink doesn't look jolly at all.  It looks psychotic.  It looks like it wants to eat me.

And last for today, the joker from a deck listed only as "?":

Are they supposed to be birds?  Mutants?  Wizards?  Monks?  Suggestions?


Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Next Tarot Session

My next tarot session at Marjim Manor is going to be on March 20th, from 12 - 6 pm.  I'll be hanging out with my cards, ready to amaze and confound!

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