Monday, March 07, 2011

Interesting Jokers - Part 1

In my ramblings online, looking for decks of cards I haven't seen, I run across some very interesting joker cards.

First up, the joker from the "National Club" deck.

Now this one wouldn't be such a conundrum if I could figure out what the hell this kid is riding.  I mean, I get that he's like a Baby New Year-type, and there's a star and he's carrying a pack of....paper somethings.  But what is the long thing?  A compass point?  Can't be a pen...  I am confused.

Next, the joker from a deck listed as "Aladdin":

More craziness.  I'd love to know what this deck was either promoting or representing.  Has anyone heard of a company where a rabbit in an egg was the mascot?

Next, the joker from a promotional deck for the Chicago and Alton Railroad, whose tagline was "The Only Way", which I'm assuming means it was meant to be considered as the only way to travel.

Maybe "Cow Boy Girl" was the entertainment at events sponsered by the railroad.....who knows?  I do know she looks like somebody I wouldn't want to cross.  I can't decide if that's a snake or a whip under her boot.

Next the joker from a deck called "Moon No. 1":

Awesome, but also kind of creepy.  This moon's wink doesn't look jolly at all.  It looks psychotic.  It looks like it wants to eat me.

And last for today, the joker from a deck listed only as "?":

Are they supposed to be birds?  Mutants?  Wizards?  Monks?  Suggestions?


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