Friday, June 24, 2011

Papercraft - Will I Marry Ewan McGregor In A Small Ceremony By The Water???

The Vault of Mystery  Probably not.  Okay, definitely not.

Sigh.  Oh, well.

I really, really love's paper toys.  This guy is extremely talented, and all of his stuff is spooky Halloween-related fun.

One of the best toys on Ravensblight is one of the simplest:  The Vault of Mystery!

Much more elegant than a Magic Eight Ball, right?  It doesn't take long to build, and there are no complicated angles or infuriating curves.  Once it's done, just shake it up, pull off the top, turn it over, and dump your fortune onto the table.

The Vault of Mystery also tells me that I likely won't someday have a red unicorn as a pet, which is disappointing, but it tells me that maybe I'll someday learn to magically re-organize my closet through the sheer power of my mind, so there's that, anyway, right?


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