Sunday, July 31, 2011

101 Songs - UNICORNS!!!

I grew up with the Tangerine Dream soundtracked U.S. version of Legend.  Still love this movie.  I got grounded from the prom when I was a senior due to my acting like a general ass for most of the school year, but once prom night rolled around, my mom felt kind of bad and let my boyfriend and I have a sort of house arrest prom night.  We watched Legend on Canadian TV and sat up til dawn.

"Loved By The Sun" by Jon Anderson:


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Interesting Death Cards

I'm a big fan of skeletons and skulls, so I tend to be more interested in death cards that depict the average image you'd normally see, of a skeletal grim reaper and his scythe.  But death cards that go off the beaten path can be fascinating.  Here's a small selection:

The Dragons Tarot:

The Tarot of Gemstones and Crystals:

The Tarot of Origins:

Tarot Floral:

The Goddess Tarot:

The Renaissance Tarot:

And I know this one has a skeleton on it, but it's awesome, so I'm including it.

The Motherpeace Round Tarot:


101 Songs - Here We Go

I'm getting old.

I'm only just now starting to realize the beauty and convenience of flash drives.

For the past few months, I've been working on transferring my music collection, or large chunks thereof anyway, from cd to flash drive.  It's taking FOREVER.  I've got enough done now, though, to have the majority of my favorite stuff transferred, and yesterday, decided to make a playlist of 100 songs that I've never gotten sick of.  It turned into 101 when I realized I'd accidentally skipped out Liane Carroll's mind-blowing cover of Tom Waits' "Picture In A Frame".  But that one's for another day, because today, we're doing an 80's power duet essential:

"Separate Lives" by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin

I remember loving this song as a kid, and to this day, those opening lines.....

You called me from the room in your hotel.....

bring up all kinds of nostalgic feelings.  The fact that I'm an absolute dumb sucker for a sweeping emotional ballad doesn't hurt, either.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Make Your Own Beaded Rings!

Click on the image for a larger version.

So easy!! Here's the template I used:

The two rings on the left are slightly modified.  I basically just simplified things a tad, by doing only one focal bead, and using one needle instead of two, but the concept is the same.

I may be hooked!  These things take less than an hour to make, and they're cute as a button.


Friday, July 22, 2011

Come By And Have Your Cards Read!

The next Tarot Day at Marjim Manor is going to be on August 21st, from 12 - 6pm.  3-card readings are $20, 10-card readings are $40.   No appointment necessary!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Day Lilies Are Finally Out!


Let Your Freak Flag Fly!

To give you an idea of how behind I am, I meant to post this entry right after my birthday.....which was four months ago.  Yikes.

I was given The Celtic Tarot for said birthday, and it has become one of my all-time favorite decks:

I've posted before about how I was always sort of put off by the Queen of Swords until I started to really collect decks and see how differently she can be portrayed.  This is another good example.  She doesn't look stern and forbidding at all in this image, though I would definitely be careful of a lady with a sword, no matter how beautiful she is.

Some more examples of The Celtic Tarot's groovy, Lord-of-the-Ringsy, 1960's-70's kind of style:

I am in love with The Hanged Man's spaghetti hair.  It looks like it came out of a play-doh pasta maker.  Beauteous.

Back in the day, my mom was a true 70's lady, with a huge collection of owl figurines, macrame plant hangers, and musty, brownish candles shaped like everything from the aforementioned owls to one shaped like Gandalf, and there was one, I think I remember, shaped like a tree man.  This deck gives me an overall nostalgic feeling of my very early childhood, most especially the styling of the Lovers card:

So awesome!  I mean, seriously, this is so deliciously hippie I could die.  The shape and contour of their bodies, the font on the card's title.....and the guy!  That beard is insane, but the HAIR.   And how hilarious is it that the girl is hiding her boobs but showing off her lady parts?  And the guy is just lettin' it ALL hang out.

It really does not get much better than that.

When it comes to the deck itself, I give it a big thumbs-up.  It's nice and sturdy.  Regular readers will recall my pet peeve about decks that are hard to shuffle.  When cards tend to be flimsy, they also tend to be slippery, interestingly, and when you're not ripping the edges due to the flimsyness, they're flying out of your hands like guided missiles due to the slipperyness.  But the Celtic Tarot definitely does not have a problem in that department.  In fact, it tends toward the opposite extreme, almost to the rock-hard thickness of the Kat Black Golden Tarot.  But I have no doubt that with frequent shuffling the Celtic Tarot's cards can be broken in.

Oh, and if you're looking for this particular deck, look for The Celtic Tarot published by Metro Books.  There are a few "Celtic Tarot"s out there, all illustrated in different artistic styles.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Come Have A Reading!

The next Tarot Day at Marjim Manor is going to be this coming Sunday, July 17th, from 12 - 6 pm.  I'll be there with my cards and my mojo.  Come on by!

Click Here For Directions To Marjim Manor.


Saturday, July 09, 2011

A Solution!

I need colored tea lights that are unscented.  Unfortunately, it appears to be impossible to find a store of any kind in my local area that sells them.  The only unscented tea lights I can find are white, which is fine, because it's a perfect catch-all color that represents purity of intention, which can apply to pretty much anything you're trying to accomplish, but I really love color symbolism, and want to be able to use it.

The other day, though, I ran across a perfect solution to my dilemma:  colored tea light holders:

In a last-ditch effort to find colored candles that are unscented, poring over the candle section at Walmart, I found the above-pictured tea light holders, in a handful of colors, for only 60 cents each!!

Awesome, AND affordable!  Score!!


Friday, July 01, 2011

Make Your Own Talismans!

It's extremely easy to make a little talisman to give to a friend or loved one.  You can certainly go all out and make it super-fancy, but you can also go the super-simple route, and it'll be just as meaningful, as long as your intentions are warm-hearted and serious.

This one has black ribbon, because black can be a protective force, and it's also said to ward off negative energy.  The dragon is there because the person I made it for was born in the Year of the Dragon, and he really identifies with that.

See?  Easy.  All you have to do is:

-Choose an image.  If you're making it to be a sort of general protective item, choose an image that you feel best represents the person you're making it for.  If you're making the talisman for some more specific purpose, choose an image that helps to represent what you're trying to help them with, like, say, stress relief or speedy recovery from an illness.  If you don't already have the image, like, something you could cut out of a postcard or magazine, go to the ever-useful Google Images, and look up an image you can print out.

-Cut out the image.

-Choose a ribbon color.  Color symbolism is incredibly interesting.  There are some generally accepted meanings for particular colors, though they do vary between disciplines.  For example, some schools of thought believe that the color black only represents negative, awful things, but other schools of thought that focus on only positive energy ascribe completely different attributes to black.  The best thing to do is look at a bunch of different ideas, and then choose the one that speaks most directly to you, and to what you'd like to achieve for the person you're making the talisman for.  Whatever YOU put into it is what the person you're giving it to is going to get out of it.  Here are a couple links:

-Grab your glue stick, glue the image to the ribbon.

- Sit with it for awhile, and focus positive energy into it.  Visualize what you'd like to help this person accomplish.  Picture them making new friends, or growing a beautiful garden, or moving on from a bad relationship, or whatever it is that you'd like to see them achieve.  Think warm, loving thoughts.

And, you're done!  These bare-bones little talismans have a sort of no-nonsense, getting-down-to-business kind of charm.  They can be a great way to show someone you're thinking of them, and want good things for them, and I really think we don't have enough of that in the world today.


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