Friday, July 01, 2011

Make Your Own Talismans!

It's extremely easy to make a little talisman to give to a friend or loved one.  You can certainly go all out and make it super-fancy, but you can also go the super-simple route, and it'll be just as meaningful, as long as your intentions are warm-hearted and serious.

This one has black ribbon, because black can be a protective force, and it's also said to ward off negative energy.  The dragon is there because the person I made it for was born in the Year of the Dragon, and he really identifies with that.

See?  Easy.  All you have to do is:

-Choose an image.  If you're making it to be a sort of general protective item, choose an image that you feel best represents the person you're making it for.  If you're making the talisman for some more specific purpose, choose an image that helps to represent what you're trying to help them with, like, say, stress relief or speedy recovery from an illness.  If you don't already have the image, like, something you could cut out of a postcard or magazine, go to the ever-useful Google Images, and look up an image you can print out.

-Cut out the image.

-Choose a ribbon color.  Color symbolism is incredibly interesting.  There are some generally accepted meanings for particular colors, though they do vary between disciplines.  For example, some schools of thought believe that the color black only represents negative, awful things, but other schools of thought that focus on only positive energy ascribe completely different attributes to black.  The best thing to do is look at a bunch of different ideas, and then choose the one that speaks most directly to you, and to what you'd like to achieve for the person you're making the talisman for.  Whatever YOU put into it is what the person you're giving it to is going to get out of it.  Here are a couple links:

-Grab your glue stick, glue the image to the ribbon.

- Sit with it for awhile, and focus positive energy into it.  Visualize what you'd like to help this person accomplish.  Picture them making new friends, or growing a beautiful garden, or moving on from a bad relationship, or whatever it is that you'd like to see them achieve.  Think warm, loving thoughts.

And, you're done!  These bare-bones little talismans have a sort of no-nonsense, getting-down-to-business kind of charm.  They can be a great way to show someone you're thinking of them, and want good things for them, and I really think we don't have enough of that in the world today.


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