Thursday, August 11, 2011

Budget Fortune Telling

Went looking for stuff today that I could use to dress up my booth at the upcoming street fair.  Who wants to have a tarot reading off a bare table in a plain blue tent?  But the problem was my really severely ludicrously sad-sad-sadly limited budget.  I wasn't optimistic.  But it just goes to show that....well, we should always be optimistic.  The first place we stopped was The Dollar Store.  And, happily, it delivered:

Click the image for a larger version.

Yay!  I wanted to find things that would be nice and vintage fortune teller mysterious without being too obviously Halloween-y.   But we're talking serious budget issues here, like, I couldn't spend more than around 10 bucks, which had me really worried.  But, things might work out alright, after all, thanks to Stuff That Costs A Buck.

The tablecloth issue was the thing that was bothering me the most.  I knew that buying yards of appropriate colored or styled fabric was going to be outside my budget.  And I just couldn't see myself doing readings on a red gingham oilcloth, you know?  Creepy Cloth to the rescue!  Instead of ripping it full of holes, as per the picture on the packaging, I'll just drape both the black and grey over the table.  Issue resolved!

I wasn't the only one excited over the paper silhouettes.  Ma bought some, too, when she saw them.  I just skipped the spiders and rats and black cats, and only bought the ravens and owls.  My tent has a back wall/curtain-type thing.  I can hang them on it, along with other things.

The candelabras come with stands, although I'm wondering about those.  They're nice and stiff, but very thin.  I don't know if they'll stand up to even a slight breeze.  We'll see.

The decorative ceramic fleur-things....I was squeeing over them.  They're one of those things you see in a particular themed section of a store that don't seem to have any kind of real purpose or reason for being, but they just go perfectly with whatever the theme is.  I love them.  For no apparent reason.  I'm going to set them on either side of the space where I'll be laying out the cards.  So cool.....

And the goblets.  They were the real find.  I went in looking for some kind of cool vase-type thing, because I want to be able to burn candles without them either being knocked over or blown out by the breeze every five minutes.  But the vase-type things the store had to offer were very iffy for that purpose.  The glass was too thin for my taste.  Not only easily breakable, but with burning candles inside them they'd get freaky hot.  But then, Ma found the goblets.  Whether or not they're deep enough to keep the breeze from attacking the candles is up for debate, but they'll sure as hell look awesome, one way or the other.  And the glass is super-thick.  Bonus!

So, I spent 12 dollars instead of 10, but that's still pretty rockin', considering.  I have some ink in my printer and a pile of cardstock already, so I can print out some nifty images to finish off the decorating.  Just need to find some good ones.  I don't want to do, like, pictures of crystal balls and gypsies and stuff.  I want to make it look like an actual room, with....I don't know....portraits on the wall.....I'll figure it out.  I think I've got some photoshopping to do....


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