Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make Your Own Coffin-Shaped Trinket Box

My local Michael's has unfinished wood coffin boxes in the dollar bin right now.  I'm assuming yours does, too, as most Michael's stores carry the same things, right?  (Right?  Let me know if I'm wrong.)  Anyway, it's easy to decorate these things up and use them for all manner of spooky Halloweeny stuff, like your collection of unearthed fossilized fangs, or your dried herbs for potions and spells, or your annoying pile of flash drives that you can never seem to find a place for and they're always laying all over your desk driving you crazy.


So, here's the one I did:

What you need:

Black paint  (or Black Sharpie permanent markers)


Glue  (I use Elmer's Craft Bond Extra Strength glue sticks)

Your computer's printer, or....

Possibly scrapbook paper, if you'd rather use something with just a pattern on it than actual images

Embellishments of your choice:  metallic Dresden trim, skull beads, ribbon, etc....

The decorating part is very simple:

Paint the coffin black

Wait for it to dry

Glue some stuff on it

That's really all there is to it.  I glued some silver Dresden on the cover, and glued some print-outs of coffin innards into the inside and that was it.  The only real tip I have for this one is that it does make things a lot easier if you take off all the hinges and the clasp and completely separate the two halves of the coffin while you're doing the painting part.

I made my own coffin innards in Photoshop, and that ended up being the most involved part of the whole thing.  It was easy to find an image of some ivory satin that I could digitally turn red, but finding the pillow was way harder.  After spending an hour in Google Images trying to find a picture of a pillow that I thought would look right in a coffin, it finally dawned on me to search for "ring bearer pillows" and that was finally that.  In Photoshop, I used "Hue/Saturation" and "Selective Color" to age the look of the pillow to something less bright-white and fresh-looking. 

After the aggravating amount of time it took to find the pillow image, I thought I was in the clear, but finding an image of a skeleton I could use turned out to be impossible.  There are tons of images of skeletons to be found online, but every one of them was, like....posing, I guess.  Not a one of them looked like it was laying flat out.  So I ended up taking a photo of one of my little plastic skeletons and using that.  It's suddenly occurring to me as I type this that I could have detached its forearms in Photoshop and crossed them over its chest.  Oh, well.

So, there it is.  Have fun!


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  1. I have a few lying around I have been waiting for the time to be able to do something with them. I love that metallic edging you have on there!


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