Friday, September 23, 2011

Groovy Spells - Good Fortune

I'm going to post some homemade tarot spells from time to time, that you can print out and use, if you're so inclined.  My plan is to use black-and-white cards as much as possible, so that you can incorporate yourself into the process by coloring them in.

Now, I know that there are different schools of thought on card interpretations, so the stuff I post may be an issue for people who follow a different path than I do, but my hope is that these spells can serve as an inspiration for people to make their own, if they don't want to use the ones I post here.

This one here is a spell for good fortune, which I made a few months ago to use in my booth at the street fair.  I hung it down from the middle of the tent, over my table, and it was cool because it looked sort of like an old-fashioned stained glass lamp.

Anyway, it occurred to me that this spell could be something everyone could use, especially these days, since it involves the request for monetary good fortune, a deeper understanding that will strengthen our decision-making skills, and general happiness for us and our loved ones.

The three cards used in this spell are:

The Sun - happy times, contentment, good vibes....The Sun is pretty much the best card in the deck, and heralds all the positive stuff in life.

The High Priestess - secrets are about to be revealed to you.  This card is a good one for when you need outside forces ("divine guidance" is a good way to put it) to help you understand your situation in a way that you wouldn't be able to do with just the resources of your own mind.  My particular use for it, when I made this spell, was to help me see well enough to get good, real, authentic answers for my customers, but it's useful for lots of different situations, mainly as a way to help you make smart decisions.

The Knight of Pentacles - When the Knight of Pentacles represents an event, and not a particular person, it heralds a boost in your financial fortunes.  The money may come in quickly, but the benefits you'll reap may require a little more patience, so it warns of being smart about your sudden windfall.

Here's the printout.  Click it for the full sized version:

Okay, so:

Print it out

Color it in

Cut it out

Score along the lines between the sections


Tape it together

Use a paper punch to punch holes in the tops of all three sections

Attach string

Hang it in your favorite space in your house.  Somewhere where the sun can shine on it would be really good.  (Or moonlight, if you're more into that.)

Once it's hung, sit down near it, light a red candle (red's good for when you need action), and think about the things you'd like the spell the help you with.  Visualize a calm, drama-free life full of good vibes.....visualize yourself coming up with smart answers for whatever your problems are....visualize a situation where money can (legally, don't forget legally) come flowing into your life to help you pay for things like bills and groceries.

When you feel done, put out the candle with a snuffer or your fingertips (don't blow it out), and leave your spell to hang for as long as you like.  When you're done with it, don't throw it away or crumple it up.  You want to keep that positive vibe going, so I'd suggest folding it up and putting it away somewhere safe.  If you printed it out small, it might be cool to fold it up when you're done with it and put it between the pages of a book, like a pressed flower.

So, that's that!  There'll be more of these to come.  Please feel free to leave comments regarding your own ideas for spells, if you'd like.  In times like these, we all need all the help we can get!


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