Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Groovy Spells - Health

I was going to spread these out over time, but the ideas are flying in my head, so here's another one.

This one is for a person who is sick, like, chronically or seriously ill....someone whose health issues are at the forefront of their lives all the time.  You could certainly do it for yourself, but I think it would be even better to do it on behalf of a loved one who needs it, because your affectionate concern for the other person can ramp up the strength of the spell all the more.

So, here's the cards, in a beginning/middle/end kind of scenario:

Four of Swords - This is the illness card.  The one that shows up in a reading when someone is sick.  I include it here, for a couple reasons:  One, well, it's obvious.  And two, this card not only indicates illness, it indicates recovery from said illness.  It can represent the period of rest and rejuvenation that follows when you've finally come out of the woods.  So, for the purposes of this spell, there's not only the acknowledgement of the situation, but a request for help in facilitating recovery.

Strength - This one is pretty self-explanatory.  The card represents a request for the strength needed to weather the illness.

Temperance - I was going to go with The Sun for the "end" part, because of it's joyful positivity, but then I thought maybe it would be better to go with something more restful.  What Temperance usually represents is the idea of coming out of a volatile situation with a positive outcome that'll finally give you some peace and quiet.  Recuperating from an illness requires a calm environment free of stress and aggravation.

Here's the printout.  Click on it for the full sized version:

Print it out

Cut it out

Color it in

Fold along the lines between the sections

Tape the edges together

Punch holes in the tops of the three sections and attach string

Hang it somewhere in your house where you enjoy spending time.  I'm not going to emphasize making sure this one is in sun or moonlight.  I think to achieve the sense of peaceful health that the spell is going for, you need to choose your favorite place and hang the spell there.

For this one, you're going to want to light blue and green candles.  Both are good colors for healing and recovery, and general good health.  Blue, especially, is about peacefulness and calm, which are key factors in the way I put this spell together, but I wouldn't skip the green, though.

Same instructions as always: go to your happy place, get nice and quiet, clear your mind.  If you like, ask who or whatever you believe in spiritually to lend you their strength, and help you make the spell happen.  Visualize yourself (or the person you're doing the spell for) dealing with doctors, hospitals, and all that goes with it in a courageous and laid-back way, keeping your/their sense of humor, but also standing up for yourself when you feel you need to.  Visualize physically feeling yourself filling with strength (sometimes it helps to imagine being able to actually "see" the strength filling you, like a mass of light), so that you have the power to get through the hardships of illness.  Visualize yourself getting well, and having an environment to get well in that is peaceful and rejuvenating, with no stresses or negativity to hold back your recovery.

When you feel like you're done, snuff out the candles and use them again the next day, repeating the process each day for as long as you feel you need to.

As an added factor in helping you to really get into the process, I'm going to start including some stuff about colors with these spells, so you can make your spell space even more visually appealing and amp up the mojo of the whole thing in general.

Colors to include in your space for the health spell:

As mentioned above, definitely green and a nice medium blue.  You can use ribbon, cloth, paper, personal items, etc....anything that you feel connected to.  Arrange these things in an appealing fashion around your spell, (just make sure the flammable stuff stays away from the candles) so that when you're sitting and focusing, you have a space that makes you feel comfortable and positive.  Brown would be another good color, because it represents calmness and being grounded and stable.  A space with lots of green and brown could be nice and woodsy, if you're a person who likes that kind of atmosphere.  Or if you focus on the blue/green combination more, the space could be nice and ocean-y, if that's more your thing.  You can set it up however you like to make it into an area that you'll want to spend time in, focusing on the spell's goal.

I feel like I need to include this with every one of these: 
Obviously, I can't guarantee anything.  Sometimes spells work, sometimes they don't.  But there's never any harm in trying, right?  And sometimes when they work, they really, really work, and it doesn't get much cooler than that.

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