Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Groovy Spells - Social Life

This one is good for people who, for whatever reason, have a crappy social life.  Maybe you have a hard time relating to other people in your environment, and feel like you're with the wrong group.  Or maybe you have social anxiety in general, and spend a lot of time by yourself, but it makes you too lonely.  Or maybe you don't have any friends at all, and want some.  This spell is meant to help relieve social problems for the recipient.  You can either do this one for yourself, or even better, do it on behalf of someone you care about who has these problems.

My main focus when I put this one together was to make it as simple and happy as possible.  No complicated meanings, just the kind of good vibes that will hopefully leave the recipient with feelings of positivity that they'll project onto others.

The cards:

The Sun - Good times, good things...just goodness all around.  This card is meant to represent the positive attitude that will hopefully fill the recipient in their quest to make their social life better.

The Nine of Cups - This card is crux of the whole spell.  The Nine of Cups represents everything social....get-togethers, parties, group activities....  It's about the joy of finding people you can relate to, and having them think you're really cool, too.  It's about new friends.

The World - The whole meaning of The World is about getting your heart's desire.  Whatever it is you want the most, having The World show up means you're going to get it.  I included it in this spell to act as the wish fulfillment part.  When we pour our energy into a spell, we obviously go in with the hope that it'll work.  I put The World in there to ramp up the chances that it will.

Here's the print-out.  Click it for the full-sized version:

So, you're going to:

Print it out

Color it in

Cut it out

Fold along the lines between the sections

Tape the edges together

Punch some holes in the tops of the three sections and attach string

And definitely hang this one somewhere where the sun can shine on it.  I'm a moonlight kind of gal, generally, but for this one, as with the last one I posted....sunlight for sure.

For this spell, you're going to want to light a pink candle.  Pink is the color of friendship and fond affection.

After you've lit your candle, sit down and go to your happy place.  Nice and calm.  No distractions.  If you're a spiritual person, you can call on who or whatever you believe in to help you, by lending you their power and strength.  If you're not a spiritual person, imagine that the energy you'll be exerting will work its way out into the ether and join the energy of other people who are trying to make things happen for themselves.

Visualize yourself (or the person you're doing the spell for) making new friends....meeting people in an environment that makes you comfortable.  Visualize yourself meeting people that you can relate to....who have similar interests to yours....people you can share parts of your life with.  Visualize yourself having get-togethers, going to parties....doing things with friends, whether it's playing Dungeons & Dragons, or hiking, or having a movie night, or playing hockey....whatever it is you'd like to do with other people.  Visualize yourself feeling comfortable even when you're alone, because you know you've got friends out there that you can see when you don't feel like being alone anymore.

When you feel like you're done, snuff out the candle and leave it there for the next day.  Each day, try to spend some time with your spell, focusing some energy into it and keeping the positive vibes going.

Obviously, I can't guarantee anything.  Sometimes spells work, sometimes they don't.  But there's never any harm in trying, right?  And sometimes when they work, they really, really work, and it doesn't get much cooler than that.


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