Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If They Can Squeeze In Past The Skull, That Is.

While there are some craft supplies that can be annoyingly hard to find, unfinished wood birdhouse ornaments seem to be everywhere.  Well, except when you actually need them for a mail art group, and then they seem to be nowhere, until you give up looking and decide to do something else for the group, and then those birdhouses pop back into the stores again like mushrooms.


I stock up on birdhouse ornaments, because they are plentiful, cheap, come in lots of different shapes, and are the perfect thing to have around when I've run out of stuff to keep my hands busy.  They can be decorated in as many different ways as the human brain can come up with.  The round ones, for example, make excellent rocket ships.

This is another project I did with the help of my beloved Sharpie markers, instead of paints, but I'm quickly finding out that the lighter the color you're using, the more you can see the marker streaks on the wood.  (And blue.  Blue Sharpies are a baaaad match for wood grain.  I mean, someone with more artistic talent out there could probably make it work, but every time I try it, it comes out looking all streaky and blotchy.)

So, here it is, a house for tiny autumn birds!


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