Thursday, October 27, 2011

Art Project Ideas

I thought I'd post the prizes I made for this week's local Magic: The Gathering tournament, to serve as examples for art project ideas.  These ones are very Halloween-themed, and I know Halloween is awful close now to be making projects for it, but maybe these can serve as a jumping off point to get your creative juices flowing in related ways:

Paper book-shaped boxes are indispensible items to have around in case you need a gift for someone.  (They also make excellent prizes for MTG, because you can keep cards, dice, and other game paraphernalia in them.)  They're super easy to decorate.  If you want to go simple, like I did with the above box, you can just paint it all over (or Sharpie-marker it), and glue a print-out of your chosen image to the cover.  There's an image glued to the inside of the front cover, as well.  You can also go more elaborate, and cover the whole thing in scrapbook paper, like the example below:


I just discovered these at Michael's this week.  Simple wooden plaques in a bunch of shapes and sizes that you can do pretty much anything with.  As with the binding on the book box at the top, this is another example of how useful metallic Sharpies can be.  Just adding a little silver or gold trim can jazz something up tenfold.


Just some fun small things to be used as door prizes.  Sometimes it's as simple as re-painting something to make it look more customized.  I've posted about the skeletons before, and I believe I posted about the dice bag, as well, so I'll skip all that.  The important thing to note with these is that they are CHEAP to stock up on.  You can buy plastic skeletons by the basketful at the Dollar Store, the paper skulls come from Michael's for, like, $1.50 a piece, and the fabric for the dice bag comes from scraps I've been storing in my closet for years.


Here's another one, unrelated to the the Magic tournament, but it's an example of something really easy to make.  I wanted some kind of embellishment for my Halloween costume this year, which is more of a conglomeration of bits and pieces than a costume.  Some kind of hat seemed like a good idea, so I took a print-out of a vintage decoration, wrapped it around my head, glued it together, attached some elastic, and voila.  Hat.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Colors - Purple



Purple is associated with opening up your inner eye.  It's about getting to a state that's calm enough to help you be aware of things you couldn't see otherwise.

The color purple is all about regality and sophistication.  We're not talking uppityness....more like cool, calm, and collected in the face of even the worst kind of stress.  Purple is the color that's going to make you feel like you can handle anything with steady confidence.

Emotions!  We've all got 'em, amiright?
Where green and/or blue is what you need for physical healing, purple is what you need for emotional healing.  Things like being dumped, bearing a long-held grudge, losing someone who has passed on, anxiety issues, depression, phobias....  If you're stuck in the mire with any of these kinds of issues and can't drag yourself out, purple is the color you'll want.  It's important, first and foremost, to find someone you can talk to about your problem, but here's something you can do to give yourself an extra boost:  Take a picture or print out an image that can represent whatever it is that's emotionally ailing you.  Wrap it carefully in purple ribbon and leave it out where you can see it.  (We're in Groovy Spell territory now.  If you want to go all out, do the above while sitting in front of a lit purple candle and quietly meditating on your issue and how badly you'd like to beat it.  You can either do just this, or ask the deity of your choice for help.)

He only LOOKS like he's reading his algebra.  He's got a comic book hidden in the pages.
Purple is the color of wisdom.  Wisdom is about paying attention to the world around you, and using what you learn to make smart decisions about how to live your life.  If you like to do art projects, a neat thing to do would be to make yourself a little purple felt owl you can carry around in your pocket or purse, to remind you to pay attention to and glean useful information from everything you run across.

I would definitely NOT want to be on the wrong end of whatever the hell this guy is doing.
Purple is the color that represents psychic ability.  If you're a person who's interested in seeing if you can widen your scope, and be more in tune with the world of invisible things, you're going to need lots of purple to help you on your way.  This color (along with indigo) is also usually associated with the pineal gland in your brain, which you can find out a little about by clicking here.

All kinds of stuff.
The color purple is strongly associated with hidden knowledge.  If you read tarot, or runes, or if scrying is your thing, or tea leaves, or palm reading....purple will give your divining skills a positive charge.  You can lay out your tarot cards. throw your runes, or set your crystal ball on a purple cloth when you're using them, to ramp up the vibes.

Purple is like a stoic queen with an infallible poker face who secretly relies on a royal seer to help her make decisions.  It's about being cool in the face of stress, and about handling situations with cleverness.  A big part of it is about calming tumultuous emotions, so your life can move along more smoothly, free of drama and anxiety.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

101 Songs - Too Long Ago, Too Long Apart

Pure classic, soprano-sax-driven, piano-tappin', blue-eyeshadow-wearin', finger-snappin',  jazzy nighttime-in-the-city 80's pop.

Double - "The Captain Of Her Heart"

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Hey, This Could Be A Good Look For Me"

Last on the Halloween DVD list for this afternoon, we watched the ever-rockin' Beetlejuice.

Classic Cartoons - I Bet He'll Turn Out To Be, Like, An EVIL Snowman Or Something.

I ended up way behind on this, but here's the next Halloween DVD we watched this afternoon:

There's no name, it's just one of those cartoon compilations you find in a bin at the grocery store.  It starts off with a few Casper cartoons....

And then a few (hooray!) Popeye cartoons that feature Halloween themes....

And then some old Fleischer Superman cartoons, which are always awesome, but make no sense on a Halloween DVD.  Then it moves on to some misc. cartoons that have extremely tenuous connections to Halloween.  The most interesting one was a very old cartoon about an eskimo and his animal friends living in the icy north.  We were sitting here wondering what the heck it was doing on a Halloween DVD, because it seemed to have more of a Christmas theme, but then I said "Well, watch.  That snowman they're building is going to turn out to be evil or something."  And then we laughed our heads off, because that's exactly what happened.

The evil snowman spends most of the cartoon chasing all the cute little animals around, and then the eskimo gets the idea to run to the big machine that controls the Northern Lights, turn them up full blast, and melt the evil snowman into a puddle.  The visuals were actually pretty impressive, considering it was in black and white.

So, Halloween DVD #3 down.  One more to go....


Point Of Order! Point Of Information!

Next up on today's docket of Halloween DVD's:  "Mad Monster Party!"

Sincerity As Far As The Eye Can See!

We're watching Halloween DVD's today.  First up, "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!"

Friday, October 21, 2011

Make A Paper TARDIS!

Click here to get a free paper model of the TARDIS!

It's a little one, but if you're looking for the 11th Doctor's TARDIS, this is the one you want.


Those Of Us Who Like This Stuff All Year Round....

......have to do a lot of shopping when the Halloween items are actually out in the stores.
I found this in my local Spirit of Halloween store the other day, and you can bet your ass I'm not going to be putting it away when Halloween's over:

It doesn't close, so I had to add some snaps, but otherwise, awesome!


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Look To Your Left

I've got a poll in the sidebar to find out what color I should cover next in the Color Series.  I'd love to see your votes!


Colors - Red



Red is strong and fast.  When you need something done, and done like a boss, red's the color you want.

Meka Leka Hai, Meka Heinie Ho!
The color red is like a genie in a bottle that can grant your wish instantly.  Red is the color of ACTION.  No matter what color happens to be your main focus, add some red as well when you need whatever you're trying to accomplish done in snap time.

My back!!!
Red is also the color of passion.  If you feel like you've lost your zip, or like you're having a hard time caring about things that used to make you really excited, get some red going on around you.  Surround yourself with it to get your mojo rising again.

Get a room!
Passionate love also falls under the domain of red.  It doesn't cover ALL love, just supersexy rockin' lusty powerlove.  If you're looking for settled-in, romantic, long-term love, you need pink.  If you're looking to impress the new guy or gal in your life with your many interesting and memorable skills, you need red.  Invite them over with a note written on red stationary, lead them down the hall along a path of red rose petals, and show them your lovely new red sheets by the light of your sophisticated red candles.

It's a Dune reference, see??  Isn't that cool?  Right?  Shut up.
Red is the color of willpower.  If you're trying to diet or stay off the cigarettes or quit eating candy or stop compulsively blowing every paycheck on internet shopping, red can help you.  You're obviously going to need to put a lot of your own energy into not doing whatever it is you're trying not to do anymore, but we commonly associate the color red with the idea of "STOP!", so having a lot of red around whatever it is you're trying to stay away from can give your willpower a much-needed boost.  Like, slapping red stop signs all over the fridge, or crossing an "X" of red ribbon over your computer monitor.

That kid's lifting a thousand pounds right over his head!  Amazing!
The color red is also used to represent vigorous good health.  It's different than healing, for which you'd want to use more green and/or blue.  It's more about getting in shape, getting healthier, getting stronger.  Like, if you've gotten over being sick and you're still weak.  Or if you just feel like you're weak because you spend a lot of time sitting around on your lazy patoot.  What you do is:  take some photos of yourself in poses that make you look like you're full of piss and vinegar.  Make a little space, and fill it with the photos.  Cordon off the space with red ribbon, and right in the center of the space, put a red candle.  Sit down, light the candle, and close your eyes.  Imagine yourself filling up with strength, like it's a warm red light, starting from your toes, all the way up to your head.  Imagine feeling stronger and healthier the more you fill up.  Your limbs feel sturdier, your eyes feel clearer, your heart feels lighter....  Now, of course, doing this won't make you a superhero, but it will give you the boost of positive energy you need to help you get moving.

My regal robes of the forest, would be satin, not cotton, not chintz.
Red is the color of courage.  This is where that little object in your pocket that I mention a lot comes in again.  If you know you're going to be in a situation that makes you feel afraid, have a little red object you can squeeze to give you the boost of bravery you need.  A good example would be if you have stage fright and you have to make a speech.

Red makes sure stuff gets DONE, like the teacher running detention who makes you do that homework you skipped last night.  It ramps up your power levels and gives you the energy you need to accomplish things.  It wants you to care about stuff, and throw yourself into it to achieve the best possible result.  Red is your annoying peppy friend who's always trying to get you off your butt.

Friday, October 14, 2011

101 Songs - We Give Ourselves Away

From her new album "Night of Hunters":

Tori Amos feat.Natashya Hawley (that's Amos' daughter) - "Job's Coffin"

Job's Coffin, by the way, is a cluster of stars in the shape of a rhombus that are part of the constellation Delphinus.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creatures - The Gancanagh

The Gancanagh of Ireland (not to be confused with the very different Geancanach of Scotland's Hebrides Islands) is a faerie creature commonly known as "The Love Talker".  He's an attractive, but very dangerous, human-looking faerie who hangs around forests, streams, and meadows seducing country girls and messing with the minds of country boys.

There are certain signs that the devastatingly good-looking fellow in front of you is a Gancanagh.  If you're far enough away from him to still be in your right mind, you might notice that

- all the birds and animals in the area have gone dead quiet

- there's no smoke coming out of the dudeen that he's got in his mouth (Faeries are said to loathe smoke.)

- and most sort of in-your-face obvious, he's surrounded by mist that seems to be emanating from the dude himself.

If you're close enough to be able to smell him, you're pretty much done for.  The gancanagh emits pheremones that you'll become addicted to the minute you get a whiff.  His main goal, if you're a woman, is to have sex with you.  And, if you're a woman, you're going to have to be made of some serious otherworldly-style mojo to resist him.  He takes off immediately after he's finished with you, which is pretty typical, but you're not just going to be annoyed, you're going to pine for him so hard it'll kill you.  You'll never be able to focus on anything else again except to wish he'd come back, and you'll basically die of a broken heart.

If you're a man and you run into the Gancanagh, you're not necessarily going to die, but your life will be ruined, one way or the other.  He'll drive you to go crazy for the ladies, desperately buying them trinkets until you're financially devastated.

So if you ever see a super hot farm boy-type mysteriously hanging around in a forest glen, run the other way as fast as you can.

Watch out for this guy!!

Tarot Day Is This Sunday!

Don't forget!  Tarot Day at Marjim Manor is this coming Sunday!  I'll be there from 12-6 pm with my Halloween Tarot deck, ready to do some divinatin'.  It's $20 for a 3-card reading.  Every reading comes with a personalized color charm!  No appointment necessary!

Click here for directions to Marjim Manor.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Classic Cartoons - A Secret Between The Poochie And The Hot Dogs

Yes, I saw the Google Doodle today.

I've been a stop-motion animation junkie since birth, so Gumby's always been right up there for me.  I mean, he's got a blue friend named Goo who can fly.

Couldn't find a Gumby Halloween special, but this one has a sort-of haunted house.  Kind of.

Colors - Black



Black is a powerful color, and also very active.  Where with some other colors, it's good just to have them around, which can help with your mood, which in turn can help your situation, black demands a more proactive stance.  Its main purpose is to keep away bad mojo, so activities are usually suggested to help you focus your own positive energy into eliminating the negative energy that's messing with your life. I'll list some things here to give you an idea of what it's all about.

Keeping the streets safe from Evil and his shady pals

Black represents protection from evil.  Think of it as your own personal Robocop.  Bad vibes....plain old negativity....the color black will help repel it.  Hang a black ribbon somewhere on the frame around your front door (outside, not inside) to keep the yuck away.  Make a braided ribbon if you want to snazz it up.

If you've already got some badness going on that you need to get rid of, black would be the color to use if you want help banishing it.  Get yourself a picture of whatever it is that's making your (or a loved one's) life hard to bear.  Wrap it in a black ribbon and put it in a box, while visualizing a calm life, free of the negativity you're hoping to be rid of.  Bury the box in your yard, so it can't be disturbed.

Sorry, Vader.  Just because you're a BAMF doesn't make you not evil.

The color black can be used to switch negative energy into positive.  If you or someone you love is having trouble seeing the good side of anything (especially in this day and age), and making everyone around you miserable as a result, try using black to give you help in changing your attitude.  Choose a favorite small black object that makes you feel happy and carry it around with you.  When you're feeling especially grumpy and taking it out on others, hold your object in your hand to remind you to stop.

Black is hardcore, but more than ready to jump in when help is needed, like a biker guy who isn't very successful at hiding his soft, mushy heart.  You can't just leave this color to do everything on its own, though.  If you want to ward off or get rid of bad vibes, you're going to need to throw yourself into it.  It's worth it.  The rewards can be great.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Creatures - Brownies

A Brownie is a Scottish Faerie creature that lives in country homes and surreptitiously helps with the house and farm work.

Looks more like a gnome than a brownie, but hey.

Brownie physical descriptions vary depending on which part of Scotland you're in:  a Highland Brownie is usually described as having no fingers or toes, while a Lowland Brownie is usually described as having no nose.  Either way, they're very small, have brown skin and lots of hair, and if they're wearing clothes at all, they'll be dressed in rags.  Most often, they're invisible, and can only be seen by people who have the "second sight", though sometimes they'll make themselves visible to anyone.

Brownies are ornery.  They love to work, but won't do it in front of people during daylight hours.  They fully expect compensation for their labors, but if you make a big deal out of it, they'll get entirely pissed off and leave your house forever.  They mainly like dairy products and sweets, so the best things to leave out for them are bowls of cream or cakes with honey.  Just make sure you put the offerings in the Brownie's favorite out-of-the-way corner, instead of right out in the open, or it'll consider you inappropriately ostentatious and abandon you.  And never, ever refer to the Brownie's gifts as "payments" for their work, or they'll run off just as quickly.  And don't neglect them in any way, or....well, you get the picture.

Gotta give him credit.  I mean, he's got no fingers, after all.

The best way to get a Brownie to leave your house is to give it a set of clothes.  (Though, really, it's doing a lot of your housework for you.  Why would you want it to leave?)  Remember Dobby from Harry Potter?  Same concept.  If a Brownie is given nice clothes, it'll jump for joy and turn into a lazy bum, never working another lick in its life.  But then again, maybe it's earned it's rest, after spending years helping around your house.

Brownies are extrememly loyal, and have been known to stick around a household for generations.  In fact, we apparently have Brownies in North America, because certain Brownies traveled over here with immigrating families.  Just be careful about being mean to a Brownie.  Don't ever make it feel you think its work is of inferior quality or make fun of it.  Spurned Brownies turn into Boggarts, and then you're in some real trouble.


Saturday, October 08, 2011

Colors - Brown



Brown is the color that represents being grounded and stable, like a tree with its roots anchored strongly in the Earth.  If the environment you live in feels unreliable and transitory, and you'd like to be able to settle in, brown is an excellent color to incorporate into your surroundings.

Brown is the color of calmness and peacefulness.  If you'd like to focus your energy into helping a friend who has a very nervous demeanor, then you're going to want to include lots of brown....maybe make them a gift of a tree figurine, or a live plant with thick woody stems.

Feelings of warmth and security are also strongly associated with the color brown.  Fear of the unknown can be battled with this color.  A soft, brown teddy bear would fit nicely with this idea, or even a worry doll in shades of brown that could be carried around in a pocket.

If you have trouble concentrating, brown is the color that will help you.  When you need to study, or focus on something, wear something brown, or have a small brown object that you can clutch or set nearby.

Brown is the color associated with finding lost objects.  If you want to find something you've lost, set aside a little space to light a brown candle and focus for a bit on a mental image of the thing that needs finding.  If the fates are with you, an "A-HA!" moment may very well follow.

Brown is like a plump mom in an apron standing at the stove, who feels soft and warm when you throw your arms around her and press your face into her middle.  It's the color you need when you want to quell nerves and feel grounded.  If you want to be closer to Mother Earth, brown is essential.

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