Thursday, October 27, 2011

Art Project Ideas

I thought I'd post the prizes I made for this week's local Magic: The Gathering tournament, to serve as examples for art project ideas.  These ones are very Halloween-themed, and I know Halloween is awful close now to be making projects for it, but maybe these can serve as a jumping off point to get your creative juices flowing in related ways:

Paper book-shaped boxes are indispensible items to have around in case you need a gift for someone.  (They also make excellent prizes for MTG, because you can keep cards, dice, and other game paraphernalia in them.)  They're super easy to decorate.  If you want to go simple, like I did with the above box, you can just paint it all over (or Sharpie-marker it), and glue a print-out of your chosen image to the cover.  There's an image glued to the inside of the front cover, as well.  You can also go more elaborate, and cover the whole thing in scrapbook paper, like the example below:


I just discovered these at Michael's this week.  Simple wooden plaques in a bunch of shapes and sizes that you can do pretty much anything with.  As with the binding on the book box at the top, this is another example of how useful metallic Sharpies can be.  Just adding a little silver or gold trim can jazz something up tenfold.


Just some fun small things to be used as door prizes.  Sometimes it's as simple as re-painting something to make it look more customized.  I've posted about the skeletons before, and I believe I posted about the dice bag, as well, so I'll skip all that.  The important thing to note with these is that they are CHEAP to stock up on.  You can buy plastic skeletons by the basketful at the Dollar Store, the paper skulls come from Michael's for, like, $1.50 a piece, and the fabric for the dice bag comes from scraps I've been storing in my closet for years.


Here's another one, unrelated to the the Magic tournament, but it's an example of something really easy to make.  I wanted some kind of embellishment for my Halloween costume this year, which is more of a conglomeration of bits and pieces than a costume.  Some kind of hat seemed like a good idea, so I took a print-out of a vintage decoration, wrapped it around my head, glued it together, attached some elastic, and voila.  Hat.

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