Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Colors - Black



Black is a powerful color, and also very active.  Where with some other colors, it's good just to have them around, which can help with your mood, which in turn can help your situation, black demands a more proactive stance.  Its main purpose is to keep away bad mojo, so activities are usually suggested to help you focus your own positive energy into eliminating the negative energy that's messing with your life. I'll list some things here to give you an idea of what it's all about.

Keeping the streets safe from Evil and his shady pals

Black represents protection from evil.  Think of it as your own personal Robocop.  Bad vibes....plain old negativity....the color black will help repel it.  Hang a black ribbon somewhere on the frame around your front door (outside, not inside) to keep the yuck away.  Make a braided ribbon if you want to snazz it up.

If you've already got some badness going on that you need to get rid of, black would be the color to use if you want help banishing it.  Get yourself a picture of whatever it is that's making your (or a loved one's) life hard to bear.  Wrap it in a black ribbon and put it in a box, while visualizing a calm life, free of the negativity you're hoping to be rid of.  Bury the box in your yard, so it can't be disturbed.

Sorry, Vader.  Just because you're a BAMF doesn't make you not evil.

The color black can be used to switch negative energy into positive.  If you or someone you love is having trouble seeing the good side of anything (especially in this day and age), and making everyone around you miserable as a result, try using black to give you help in changing your attitude.  Choose a favorite small black object that makes you feel happy and carry it around with you.  When you're feeling especially grumpy and taking it out on others, hold your object in your hand to remind you to stop.

Black is hardcore, but more than ready to jump in when help is needed, like a biker guy who isn't very successful at hiding his soft, mushy heart.  You can't just leave this color to do everything on its own, though.  If you want to ward off or get rid of bad vibes, you're going to need to throw yourself into it.  It's worth it.  The rewards can be great.


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