Saturday, October 08, 2011

Colors - Brown



Brown is the color that represents being grounded and stable, like a tree with its roots anchored strongly in the Earth.  If the environment you live in feels unreliable and transitory, and you'd like to be able to settle in, brown is an excellent color to incorporate into your surroundings.

Brown is the color of calmness and peacefulness.  If you'd like to focus your energy into helping a friend who has a very nervous demeanor, then you're going to want to include lots of brown....maybe make them a gift of a tree figurine, or a live plant with thick woody stems.

Feelings of warmth and security are also strongly associated with the color brown.  Fear of the unknown can be battled with this color.  A soft, brown teddy bear would fit nicely with this idea, or even a worry doll in shades of brown that could be carried around in a pocket.

If you have trouble concentrating, brown is the color that will help you.  When you need to study, or focus on something, wear something brown, or have a small brown object that you can clutch or set nearby.

Brown is the color associated with finding lost objects.  If you want to find something you've lost, set aside a little space to light a brown candle and focus for a bit on a mental image of the thing that needs finding.  If the fates are with you, an "A-HA!" moment may very well follow.

Brown is like a plump mom in an apron standing at the stove, who feels soft and warm when you throw your arms around her and press your face into her middle.  It's the color you need when you want to quell nerves and feel grounded.  If you want to be closer to Mother Earth, brown is essential.



  1. Put this to the test last night!
    I wrote the first exam I'd written in over 20 years. I wore brown. I sure hope it and the full moon energy got me through.

  2. I'm sure it did!


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