Friday, October 07, 2011

Colors - Gold

Gonna start posting entries about colors.  Because colors are cool.



To put it simply, gold is for boys.  If you're focusing your energy into something, or even just creating a certain atmosphere, gold is an important color to have around if the person you're trying to accomplish the thing for is male.

The sun is generally considered to be male, so if you want to represent the sun in anything you're doing, you going to want to have the color gold around.

Gold is the color you want to use when focusing energy into matters involving money.  Gold represents wealth in more than one way.  If you're looking to create abundance in anything, whether it be financial fortunes, creative ability, intelligence....if your goal is true perfection, the color gold is going to help get you there.

Where most people (including myself, until I did some research) would assume that green is the color you want to use for luck, gold is actually the color you need.  Especially if the good luck you're looking for is needed quickly.

Gold is a color of power, speed, and abundance.  It's like the sun, burning energy endlessly, never a CEO who never sleeps.  Gold is the color you need around to give you a boost if you want to make your fortunes change drastically.  And fast.


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