Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Colors - Purple



Purple is associated with opening up your inner eye.  It's about getting to a state that's calm enough to help you be aware of things you couldn't see otherwise.

The color purple is all about regality and sophistication.  We're not talking uppityness....more like cool, calm, and collected in the face of even the worst kind of stress.  Purple is the color that's going to make you feel like you can handle anything with steady confidence.

Emotions!  We've all got 'em, amiright?
Where green and/or blue is what you need for physical healing, purple is what you need for emotional healing.  Things like being dumped, bearing a long-held grudge, losing someone who has passed on, anxiety issues, depression, phobias....  If you're stuck in the mire with any of these kinds of issues and can't drag yourself out, purple is the color you'll want.  It's important, first and foremost, to find someone you can talk to about your problem, but here's something you can do to give yourself an extra boost:  Take a picture or print out an image that can represent whatever it is that's emotionally ailing you.  Wrap it carefully in purple ribbon and leave it out where you can see it.  (We're in Groovy Spell territory now.  If you want to go all out, do the above while sitting in front of a lit purple candle and quietly meditating on your issue and how badly you'd like to beat it.  You can either do just this, or ask the deity of your choice for help.)

He only LOOKS like he's reading his algebra.  He's got a comic book hidden in the pages.
Purple is the color of wisdom.  Wisdom is about paying attention to the world around you, and using what you learn to make smart decisions about how to live your life.  If you like to do art projects, a neat thing to do would be to make yourself a little purple felt owl you can carry around in your pocket or purse, to remind you to pay attention to and glean useful information from everything you run across.

I would definitely NOT want to be on the wrong end of whatever the hell this guy is doing.
Purple is the color that represents psychic ability.  If you're a person who's interested in seeing if you can widen your scope, and be more in tune with the world of invisible things, you're going to need lots of purple to help you on your way.  This color (along with indigo) is also usually associated with the pineal gland in your brain, which you can find out a little about by clicking here.

All kinds of stuff.
The color purple is strongly associated with hidden knowledge.  If you read tarot, or runes, or if scrying is your thing, or tea leaves, or palm reading....purple will give your divining skills a positive charge.  You can lay out your tarot cards. throw your runes, or set your crystal ball on a purple cloth when you're using them, to ramp up the vibes.

Purple is like a stoic queen with an infallible poker face who secretly relies on a royal seer to help her make decisions.  It's about being cool in the face of stress, and about handling situations with cleverness.  A big part of it is about calming tumultuous emotions, so your life can move along more smoothly, free of drama and anxiety.


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