Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Colors - Red



Red is strong and fast.  When you need something done, and done like a boss, red's the color you want.

Meka Leka Hai, Meka Heinie Ho!
The color red is like a genie in a bottle that can grant your wish instantly.  Red is the color of ACTION.  No matter what color happens to be your main focus, add some red as well when you need whatever you're trying to accomplish done in snap time.

My back!!!
Red is also the color of passion.  If you feel like you've lost your zip, or like you're having a hard time caring about things that used to make you really excited, get some red going on around you.  Surround yourself with it to get your mojo rising again.

Get a room!
Passionate love also falls under the domain of red.  It doesn't cover ALL love, just supersexy rockin' lusty powerlove.  If you're looking for settled-in, romantic, long-term love, you need pink.  If you're looking to impress the new guy or gal in your life with your many interesting and memorable skills, you need red.  Invite them over with a note written on red stationary, lead them down the hall along a path of red rose petals, and show them your lovely new red sheets by the light of your sophisticated red candles.

It's a Dune reference, see??  Isn't that cool?  Right?  Shut up.
Red is the color of willpower.  If you're trying to diet or stay off the cigarettes or quit eating candy or stop compulsively blowing every paycheck on internet shopping, red can help you.  You're obviously going to need to put a lot of your own energy into not doing whatever it is you're trying not to do anymore, but we commonly associate the color red with the idea of "STOP!", so having a lot of red around whatever it is you're trying to stay away from can give your willpower a much-needed boost.  Like, slapping red stop signs all over the fridge, or crossing an "X" of red ribbon over your computer monitor.

That kid's lifting a thousand pounds right over his head!  Amazing!
The color red is also used to represent vigorous good health.  It's different than healing, for which you'd want to use more green and/or blue.  It's more about getting in shape, getting healthier, getting stronger.  Like, if you've gotten over being sick and you're still weak.  Or if you just feel like you're weak because you spend a lot of time sitting around on your lazy patoot.  What you do is:  take some photos of yourself in poses that make you look like you're full of piss and vinegar.  Make a little space, and fill it with the photos.  Cordon off the space with red ribbon, and right in the center of the space, put a red candle.  Sit down, light the candle, and close your eyes.  Imagine yourself filling up with strength, like it's a warm red light, starting from your toes, all the way up to your head.  Imagine feeling stronger and healthier the more you fill up.  Your limbs feel sturdier, your eyes feel clearer, your heart feels lighter....  Now, of course, doing this won't make you a superhero, but it will give you the boost of positive energy you need to help you get moving.

My regal robes of the forest, would be satin, not cotton, not chintz.
Red is the color of courage.  This is where that little object in your pocket that I mention a lot comes in again.  If you know you're going to be in a situation that makes you feel afraid, have a little red object you can squeeze to give you the boost of bravery you need.  A good example would be if you have stage fright and you have to make a speech.

Red makes sure stuff gets DONE, like the teacher running detention who makes you do that homework you skipped last night.  It ramps up your power levels and gives you the energy you need to accomplish things.  It wants you to care about stuff, and throw yourself into it to achieve the best possible result.  Red is your annoying peppy friend who's always trying to get you off your butt.

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