Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creatures - The Gancanagh

The Gancanagh of Ireland (not to be confused with the very different Geancanach of Scotland's Hebrides Islands) is a faerie creature commonly known as "The Love Talker".  He's an attractive, but very dangerous, human-looking faerie who hangs around forests, streams, and meadows seducing country girls and messing with the minds of country boys.

There are certain signs that the devastatingly good-looking fellow in front of you is a Gancanagh.  If you're far enough away from him to still be in your right mind, you might notice that

- all the birds and animals in the area have gone dead quiet

- there's no smoke coming out of the dudeen that he's got in his mouth (Faeries are said to loathe smoke.)

- and most sort of in-your-face obvious, he's surrounded by mist that seems to be emanating from the dude himself.

If you're close enough to be able to smell him, you're pretty much done for.  The gancanagh emits pheremones that you'll become addicted to the minute you get a whiff.  His main goal, if you're a woman, is to have sex with you.  And, if you're a woman, you're going to have to be made of some serious otherworldly-style mojo to resist him.  He takes off immediately after he's finished with you, which is pretty typical, but you're not just going to be annoyed, you're going to pine for him so hard it'll kill you.  You'll never be able to focus on anything else again except to wish he'd come back, and you'll basically die of a broken heart.

If you're a man and you run into the Gancanagh, you're not necessarily going to die, but your life will be ruined, one way or the other.  He'll drive you to go crazy for the ladies, desperately buying them trinkets until you're financially devastated.

So if you ever see a super hot farm boy-type mysteriously hanging around in a forest glen, run the other way as fast as you can.

Watch out for this guy!!

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