Saturday, November 26, 2011

101 Songs - Arg, My Heart!! The Pain In My Heart!!!

Who remembers "Follow That Bird"?  Am I super old?  My siblings and I used to have it on tape as kids and watched it numerous times.  Big Bird gets placed with a family of dodos by a bird social worker who thinks he should live with other birds, but as he settles in with the dodos, he quickly finds out that they're batshit insane, and runs away back to Sesame Street.  He gets caught by a pair of circus owners, and they paint him blue, put him in a cage, and make him sing for the audience.

During this part of the movie, where Big Bird sings this song, I used to leave the room and watch it by myself from the hallway, because I didn't want my siblings to see me sobbing like a weeniemobile.  Seriously....I still can't listen to this song without tearing up.  I really wish YouTube had the actual clip from the movie, because it's way WAY worse than just listening to the song, which is bad enough.  If you're having a day where you really feel like wallowing in your miseries, just play this song on a loop and cry til you wither up and blow away.

Big Bird - "I'm So Blue"

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