Thursday, December 01, 2011

101 Songs - Angel Mouth Ate My Jedi Jello!

They're a little hit and miss, but Bad Lip Reading can put out some seriously excellent stuff.

This one is a good example.  How can you resist it?  It's an absolutely stellar pop tune that's impossible not to move to.  Whenever I listen to it, I can't help laughing out loud at one particular part of the lyrics:

"Now all these teenage chickenheads call me all night
One that looked like Brundlefly said to me,
'Can you leave your wrinkled willie glue inside my ocean, please?'
But I didn't cuz her booty flat, flat, flat
Yeah, I'm a genius, trust me, it was fully sad
I said 'Get a whiff of you, you need a ass shroud'
Tuesday night, I did it with no hands"

There's all kinds of hilariousness throughout, but the "Brundlefly" thing gets me every time.  How many kids today are going to even know what that is?

I am old.

Bad Lip Reading - "Dirty Spaceman"

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