Monday, December 12, 2011

Budget Christmas Presents - Part 4

Another different kind of idea to delight a loved one at Christmas when you don't have the bucks to buy a lot of presents.

Got a kid or family member or friend who likes dragons?  The Young Lad loves them.  Papercraft dragons can be some of the most complicated models to build, though, and can take many days of work, so I was a little discouraged, because I have a lot to do before Christmas this year.  But then, I ran across something called "figure flats", which are simplified paper models gamers use for role-playing games and such.  They're referred to as "2.5D".  This particular model, made for a series called "Sundered Skies", is really cool-looking, and takes no more than an hour to build.

Now, this little guy wouldn't be all that impressive a gift on his own, but!  You can download versions of this dragon in numerous different colors.  If you were to make a bunch, you could surprise the dragon-lover on your Christmas list by hanging these dragons all over their ceiling, or arranging them on their dresser top, or any kind of creative thing you can think of to present them.  I'm trying to decide if I can get away with hanging them from The Young Lad's ceiling while he's asleep on Christmas Eve, but I'm thinking maybe that's probably not happening, since he never actually sleeps on Christmas Eve.  I'll think of something.....

Here's the link to where you can download all the different-colored versions of this dragon in one go.  It's a .PDF file, so you'll need Adobe Reader:

Just print it out, cut out the pieces, slap it together, and there you go.  The only glueing you have to do on this one is to make all the pieces double-sided.  The assembly is very simple, as all you do is cut slits and slide the pieces together.

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