Saturday, December 10, 2011

Okay, So.....

Just some info and stuff for any regular readers out there.

Thing One:

Please feel free to leave comments, both here and at the Facebook page.  I'd love for this place to be more interactive.  I'm interested in hearing what you think, and you're more than welcome to post ideas for art projects, or requests for things you'd like to see covered in the series that I do here, like the colors or the fantastical creatures or the spells.

Thing Two:

I've usually got a poll running in the left column, looking for feedback on, for example, which color you'd like to see covered next in the color series.  It's a good way to interact without having to leave a comment, if you're not comfortable doing that.

Thing Three:

If you haven't already used that thing in the left column ("gadget" or "widget"?) to "like" my Facebook page, I'd like to call your attention to it.  Every time I post a new entry over here, I post a link to it on the Facebook page.  If my page is in your news feed, those links will show up automatically for you, eliminating the need to come over here and check for new entries.  Convenient, no?

I guess the gist of all this is that I'd love to hear your voices!


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