Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Omigod, THAT'S GROSS!!

I put on a few episodes of HBO Family's "Crashbox" for The Young Lad this morning, and while generally loving it on most levels, he felt the need to hide under the blanket whenever we saw The Revolting Slob.  And for an 11 year old boy, that's really something.  I'll admit, there's usually at least one thing that happens in every Slob appearance that makes me legitimately queasy.  The video posted here is no exception....

Putting aside The Revolting Slob (which still does serve an educational purpose), Crashbox is everything kids' shows should still be but aren't anymore.  Inventive, artistic, funny, and not dumbed-down.  You're not going to hear any characters on Crashbox shrieking the same word over and over and over....and over and over and over....for an entire 20 minutes and calling that "education".  Watching Crashbox, I'm reminded strongly of the shows my siblings and I used to watch on PBS in the 70's, especially Canadian PBS.

Here's a less yuck-inducing clip from Crashbox:  the awesome Radio Scramble.

Also!  The Riddle-Snake had a good one on one of the episodes we watched this morning:

Where was King Solomon's Temple?

On his forehead!

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