Friday, December 02, 2011

Put Up Your Dukes!

There are a lot of Innistrad cards in Magic: The Gathering that have names that make me smile, but my current favorite (aside from the hilarious "Corpse Lunge") is "Instigator Gang".  The name, the love.

There is NOTHING like a rag-tag gaggle of old-timey moustachioed bloodied-up cads going around picking fights for no other reason than to pick fights.  These guys are not messing around.  They've got those dukes raised and positioned just right to crack some jerk up the chin with a precise, fluid motion.  The fact that they're all werewolves makes them ten times awesomer.

Too bad I don't play a red deck.  I don't get to use this card.  My white/blue deck does have something sorta kinda like it.....kinda:

Okay, okay....I guess Unruly Mob isn't like Instigator Gang at all.  The Mob's obviously got some kind of righteous goal in mind, while the Gang is just mixing it up for the love of a good bloody nose.  But as long as I can keep Unruly Mob on the battlefield, any of my creatures that dies pumps it up by +1, so that's pretty good, right?


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