Thursday, January 19, 2012

Groovy Spells - Scary World

Today was a day where just watching Law and Order: SVU and then the local news made me feel like digging a deep hole and hiding in it with a teddy bear.  I know I'm not the only one who feels like the world we're living in is becoming more frightening every day.  I feel like, if I'm going to make a spell for this kind of thing, though, rather than make one to try and change the way the world is, I should make one to help us ratchet up our bravery and common sense in the face of it, because, well....let's be realistic, here, right?

Here's the printout:

Click to embiggen!

And here's another one with a dark background.  I'm leaning toward liking this one better, but I'm still on the fence.  Feedback?

Click to embiggen!
As usual:

Print it out.

Color it in and decorate it however you want.

Cut it out.

Fold along the lines between the sections.

Tape the two edges together.

Hang somewhere where it'll be in your line of sight a lot.

There isn't any particular beginning-to-end kind of flow with this one.  It's just three cards that have complimentary meanings, which will lead to a stronger vibe on the whole.

The one on the left is The Chariot.  It represents resilience, self-reliance, and decisive action.  This is the card that covers ideas like standing your ground and feeling confident.

The one in the middle is Temperance.  This card is about an emotional even keel.  It's about being cool, calm, and collected.  It represents the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and the ability to smoothly deal with volatile factors.  Basically, when everything around you is falling apart, you're the one with the cool head and the smart ideas.

The one on the right is The King of Wands.  Similarly to Temperance, it's all about retaining a psychological balance so that you can see things clearly enough to make wise decisions.

The color you're going to want to focus on for this one would definitely be blue.  Some of the things it represents are wisdom, tranquility, and hope.  Whatever space you choose to hang this spell should be full of blue.  When you sit down to meditate with this spell, ask your deity of choice for strength and support.  (Or, if you're not spiritual, skip that part.)  Focus on feelings of peacefulness and emotional control, and light a blue candle.  Imagine yourself literally keeping your head while all about you are losing theirs.  Imagine yourself coming up with good ideas that will lead to you calmly carrying on through frightening situations.  Spend some time every day, sitting in your blue space, imagining yourself being filled with calm blue bravery.


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