Thursday, January 26, 2012

Paper Theatre - Give The Poor Guy A Break!

Yesterday, I ran across one of the most awesomely bizarre papercraft models I've ever seen, and of course, I had to build it.

"The Temptation of St. Anthony" is a French paper theatre that gives you numerous options for the scene you can build:

I went with the scene where demons and a serpent are burning down St. Anthony's chapel, but you can also build a scene where St. Anthony is being tempted by the phantoms of greed and womanly wiles....

....or a scene where demons are running around abusing his pigs. Whatever scene you choose, rest assured poor old St. Anthony is going to be having a bad day.

Happily, though, you're also given a backdrop you can use that depicts him getting his just rewards in heaven, which apparently ends up being the eternal services of three sexy angels.

Be aware, this sucker's tiny. Like, you'll practically need a magnifying glass to cut out the little figures. And, as is usually the case with vintage papercraft, the instructions are not in English. This time, they're in French, but not to worry. You can match up the letters provided on different sections, and after that it becomes pretty self-explanatory. It's actually one of the simpler paper theatres I've seen.

Click to embiggen!


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