Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Colors - Green



The symbolism of green is pretty simple and straight-forward. There's not all that much to it, but that's not to say it can't be one of the most important colors, especially if you'd like to focus on being healthy and balanced.


You just know there's, like, faeries and unicorns running around in there.
Green's most obvious meanings have to do with nature. Where brown is about digging a comfortable burrow into the deep, warm, secure embrace of Mother Earth, surrounded by the strong, permanent roots of the tree trunks, green is about busting up out of the earth, reaching for the sun, and feeling the cool air on your face. Green is about growth, freshness, and recovery.


Ma!  Send down some pistachio ice cream and a couple dill pickles!
Some of green's strongest symbolism has to do with fertility, which, well, duh. Growing things, whether it be plants or babies, is green's forte. If you're having trouble conceiving, after you've done the most important thing, which is to consult with your doctor, green is the color that will be most useful in giving you the boost you're going to need. Get some houseplants. If you're one of those people who doesn't exactly have a green thumb (raising my own hand here), even realistic fake plants can have a very soothing visual effect. If you'd like to do something more pro-active, and this kind of thing is up your alley, make a shrine. Festoon it with green accents like cloths, garlands, ribbons, etc, and photos or artwork of images that speak to you personally about your predicament. Light some green candles and sit quietly with it every day, focusing on a calm positivity regarding baby-making, trying your best to avoid a desperate, panicky vibe. If it's your thing, ask your deity of choice for strength and support.

Nobody told ME it was dangerous to play hockey on the roof!
Physical healing is also within green's domain. If you want to show a friend or loved one that you'd like to help them make a full recovery, focus loving energy into a green object and give it to them to keep nearby It can be anything, but it doesn't necessarily have to be an object like a figurine or a stone. We're all aware that it's an automatic instinct to surround people who are ill with flowers and greenery. As a side note, though, as beautiful as flowers are (I enjoy getting them, myself), you basically have to kill them to make a gift of them, because you can't exactly put a garden plot inside a hospital or bedroom. A potted plant will have a more positive effect, if you're trying to go for healing.

I can see all the way to the gentlemen's club from here!
If you're stressed and uncomfortable due to the feeling that your life is off-kilter, green is the color you need. "Balance" and "Harmony" are two of green's watchwords. If you feel like there are parts of your life that are overtaking everything else and throwing the whole shebang out of whack, green is the color that can help calm the storm and get you to a place where you can start thinking through solutions. Get yourself a green notebook and a green pen and start writing down what you think is causing the problem and ideas for how you can lessen its power so that other sectors of your life can start shining through again.

Green is like a hippie midwife who knows lots of natural remedies and not only never raises her voice, but genuinely never seems to get angry about anything. It's definitely one of the most helpful colors out there, and in the right shade, can be one of the most soothing.

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