Wednesday, February 01, 2012

An Edward Gorey Box

I've been working on a request for some decorated boxes, and my attempt to paint one in three different shades of pink went pretty horribly awry.  It was eye-bleedingly ugly, and even though I tried to believe that the embellishments, once they were on, would save the day....well, no.  They really didn't.

In order to fix it, I had to try and peel off the embellishments...the dresden trim, the images....but craft glue is properly sticky, and what was left over was a box covered in torn paper bits and hard gluey residue that couldn't be covered up just by painting it over.  It wasn't in any condition to be given to someone else anymore, so I figured I'd just start fresh with another box for the request and use this one to make something for myself.  The only thing you can really do, when your paints are Sharpie markers, to cover up the kind of mess I was dealing with is to paint it black.  And what better artwork to adorn a black box than Edward Gorey?  There's still lumpy residue around the edges, but I don't mind.  Now I just have to find some appropriately creepy little trinkets to keep inside it.....


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