Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Skeleton Castle!

Yay!!  I'm so pleased with this one, I could bust!  It came out even better than I hoped it would, which doesn't happen all that often with my art projects.

Skeleton castle!!

I got the little castle-shaped birdhouse at Michael's for a buck.  And that's pretty much all the money I spent to make this one.  The amount of ink and paper it took to print out the images was negligible, and it only took one black Sharpie and one gold Sharpie to paint it....it's pretty much the epitome of a budget art project.

Here's a close-up of the skeletons:

Remember the coffin box project?  Same skeleton.  A little messing around in Photoshop to separate his arms from his body made it possible to re-arrange them, which led to 5 different versions, some with swords, some without.

The trees came from a Google Images search for "dead tree silhouette".  The image started off black, but since that wouldn't work against the black background, I did a little more futzing around in Photoshop to make it brown.  It actually has, like, three different filter effects on it, to make it look more standy-outy and weathered, but they definitely did not translate well when printed out at such a small size, especially the ones on the front of the castle, which were printed out at 1 1/2 by 1 1/2 inches.  It's a pretty minor problem, though, in the end.

The cutting was a bear on this one, as the images are pretty damn small.  For anyone wondering, no, I actually didn't go in with an X-acto knife and cut all the inner parts of the trees.  I painted them black in Photoshop before I even printed them out.  My paper-cutting skills like a challenge, but I'm not that crazy.

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