Saturday, March 03, 2012

Did You Know These Even Existed? Part 2

I didn't, til I saw them at Michael's yesterday.


Plastic miniatures in a tube for 8 bucks!  These wouldn't be all that remarkable if they only came in the farm animal/zoo animal type variety, but there are some really interesting ones.  You can get a tube packed full of copper-colored dinosaur skulls, which is....well, it's just awesome.  You can get a tube filled with knights, their horses, a dragon for them to fight, and it even includes a catapult.  There's one that's filled with ancient Egyptian things like mummies and King Tut's effigy and sacred cats and all kinds of cool stuff.

It was hard to choose, but I picked out the dragons for The Young Lad:

and "Around The World" for myself:

Everything was fine, until the dragons decided to try and devour my landmarks, and all hell broke loose:

Oh, well.


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