Friday, April 06, 2012

Did You Know These Even Existed? Part 3

Heavy Metal publishes a series of art books that showcase the works of female fantasy artists.  I picked up the third book in Cris Ortega's "Forgotten" series yesterday.  It's really cool.

It's a hardcover book full of illustrations and little stories, tailor-made for women who love fantasy romance.  The artwork is the main focus, and while all of it is gorgeous, the two-page spreads are the real wow factor.  Cris Ortega has a real knack for this genre.  Her girls are ethereally beautiful mannequins, dressed in gauzy, drape-y fabrics, with amazing hair and perfect makeup.

Here's a promo video that shows off the majority of the art from the first three books in the series.  The style, mainly of the girls themselves, gets progressively more polished as the series goes on:

And a link to Cris Ortega's website:


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