Monday, June 18, 2012

The Labyrinth Tarot

Here's a look at Luis Royo's Labyrinth Tarot.  I tend to like most of Royo's work, so this one is an automatic win for me, but I also like the dark, mysterious tone.  This is a great deck for doing spooky readings by candlelight....a good one for Halloween, now that I think of it:

The Labyrinth Tarot is as easy to use as any other Waite-Smith style deck.  It's plenty sturdy, as well, so shuffling it with gusto isn't likely to rip the corners or put creases in it.  I especially like the Strength card in this deck.  So many decks don't represent Strength very well, with images of women standing quietly next to docile lions, or reaching happily into a lion's mouth as if they're checking its teeth for cavities.  The Labyrinth Tarot shows a woman actually getting into it like she's going to rip that lion's jaw off.

Here's a link to a site that shows off a lot of images from this deck, as well as other work by Luis Royo:


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