Thursday, March 27, 2014

Colors - Silver

Silver got the most votes in the poll, so here we go:

Silver is for girls, plain and simple.  It's all about everything feminine, including matters that are usually associated more with women than men, the softer aspects of human nature revolving around empathy and maternal instincts.

Silver is one of the colors associated strongly with goddess figures, mainly The Great Mother, the all-encompassing female creative force that runs the engine of the universe.  White is another common color used to represent the Mother, but personally, I tend toward silver because I see white more as a general symbol of purity and innocence, regardless of gender. Of course, your mileage may vary.

Silver is also the color most associated with the moon, for obvious reasons.  And since the moon is most often thought of as female, you'll usually see references to the moon alongside references to many goddesses.  Women and the moon are often seen the same way:  mysterious, graceful, and containing a darkness that is calculated and cunning.  Women are intimately connected with the moon in more physical ways, as well, both running on nearly the same monthly cycle.

As mentioned above, the color silver is commonly associated with traits that are usually thought of as feminine, and "understanding" is a good umbrella term for stuff relating to empathy and compassion for others.  If you've got a loved one in your life that drives you crazy, silver can help you get past the anger and slide into "understanding" territory.  It's easier to deal with people problems when there's an understanding of *why* that person does what they do.  If you're into the idea of using colors to help ease your path through life, and that crazy-driving loved one is something you can relate to, try using silver to help you chase away the anger that can cloud your judgement and influence your actions.  If you have photos of that loved one, put them in silver frames or border them with silver ribbons.  Pick a silver charm, pendant, bracelet or ring, sit quietly with it for awhile, thinking calmly through your emotions and making an attempt to figure out why the person might be acting the way they are, and make it a gift to that person.  Any little bit helps.

Silver is also the color of connection.  We live in a world where we are becoming more and more isolated from eachother, and the sad thing is, we're doing this to ourselves, choosing to sit in a darkened room in front of a screen, cloaked in anonymity,  rather than putting ourselves out there emotionally in front of others.  If you have this problem, you can use the bright, shiny motivation of silver to help yourself make that leap.  Choose a favorite silver item that's small enough to carry around with you, and squeeze it for confidence when you find yourself shrinking away from connecting in a real way with other people.  And I don't mean to use this as a way to meet new people, I mean use it as a way to connect on a real, open level with people already entrenched in your life, people you may be keeping at arm's length.  Picture yourself and the people in your life wound together by a silver thread, and try to let that image guide you to living in a less emotionally isolated way.

Think of silver like a bead of mercury:  smooth, shiny, heavy...calmly sliding with only a small amount of movement.  Beads of mercury join together seamlessly, with no resistance, and create a larger whole.  Being more at one with the feminine aspects of the universe....empathy, understanding, connection....can only help us as humans, I would think.  I mean, not to get all new-agey and hippie-dippie on you guys, but.....well, actually I guess I did get all new-agey and hippie-dippie there, didn't I?


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