Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Can I Offer Anyone A Lemon Scone?

My mom has subscribed to Victoria Magazine for ages.  It is all things quaint, lovely, and sophisticated....the kind of magazine that requires a slow flip-through with a cup of raspberry tea near a picture window that looks out on bird feeders and flower pots.  Through one of their back issues online, I discovered one of my favorite things:  paper house templates.  And of course, this being Victoria, the templates are sweet and old-fashioned.  Here's a link to the page where you can download them:

And here's the final result of my experiment with one of the templates:


I didn't come up with the idea to make it into a decorative box; I saw that on a blog, but all the design stuff is my own.  I don't know what I'd do without super glue gel, seriously.  A minuscule dab on each hoof and you can even get a 2-dimensional deer to stand up straight as a board.

It helps tremendously to print the template out right onto printed paper, if you want to be able to skip the painting steps.  There are no helpful tabs for assembly on this one, so be prepared to do a lot of glue dab-dab-dabbing on some very thin surfaces.  How worth it, though!  This project turned into one of the nicest-looking things I've ever made.  I'd also recommend, if you want to embellish with jewels and such, to glue them on before assembling the house.  Getting those stars up there near the top was an exercise in frustration.

For anyone that would like to try this:  send me photos and I will post them on the blog!

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