Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Papercraft Shadowbox - Elegant Lady

There's no pattern for this one.  I made it from scratch, but it's a really simple build:

I did more of a side view to try and show the depth.  It only sort of worked.  Oh, well.  Anyway, here's the rundown:

First of all, I got all the parts of the image from EKDuncan - My Fanciful Muse, which is a blog full of all kinds of lovely vintage images free for personal use.  Here's the link:

I inserted the theatre proscenium into the gold frame via Photoshop, and printed it out as one image.  Now I'm kind of wishing I had changed the color of the proscenium, so it wouldn't blend so much with the frame, but that's what second attempts are for, right?

Next, I added sticky jewels to sparkle things up a bit.  If you're looking for shinies with sticky tape on the back, I would try Michael's craft store.  I find them mostly in the dollar bins.

Next, I built the shadowbox itself.  Here's a better view:

Doesn't get much simpler than that.  The great thing about this kind of project is that you can hide all the bones behind a fancy frontspiece, so there's no need to get complicated with the build.  I took some printed paper (the kind they make for scrapbooking), cut it up, making sure the two sides and the bottom were all exactly the same width, and plain old scotch-taped them together.  Be sure to leave the top open with this kind of project, so the light can shine in from above.

Here's a close-up of the lady:

I fixed her in place by folding a strip of cardstock into a square, gluing one side to her back, and then gluing the other side to the back wall of the shadowbox.  I find this works better than making a stand for the feet of the figure, because it's considerably sturdier.  Even if the square behind her starts to sag over time, her feet are against the floor, so there's nowhere lower for her to sag to.

Hopefully this will give all you papercrafters ideas for your own little shadowboxes!

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