Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Oogie Boogie Pillow Decoration

We're big Nightmare Before Christmas fanatics around here, but due to the same budgetary restrictions just about everybody else on earth seems to have these days, we can't go off willy-nilly buying all kinds of trinkets and such.  So I try to make my own decorations and dolls and things when possible.  When I found a pumpkin carving pattern of Oogie Boogie's silhouette on the moon (from "This Is Halloween" at the beginning of the movie), I knew it was perfect: super simple and cheap to make.  Here's how you can do it:


One sheet of black felt
Two sheets of yellow felt
A tube of Super Glue
A Silver Sharpie
A Black Pen
Yellow Thread
Black Thread
A Needle
A Saw Tooth Hanger

First, print out 3 copies of the pattern.

Click to embiggen!

Then, cut out the whole circle, Oogie Boogie's shape, and then his eyes and mouth:

You're going to want the silver sharpie for tracing Oogie's shape onto the black felt.  It shows up beautifully, as you can see:

Cut out all the traced shapes from the felt.  Glue the eyes and mouth onto the black shape with a couple drops of glue.  This will make all the difference in the world when you're stitching them down.  There'll be no need to try and hold them in place.  Just remember to be VERY sparing with the super glue.  If there's too much, it will leave white crusty stains.  All you need is a few drops in strategic places.  Then use your yellow thread to stitch the face parts down:

And use your black thread to stitch Oogie Boogie down to the moon.  Make sure it stays nice and flat while you're working so the end product doesn't end up bunched up and full of wrinkles:

Next, use the cut-out pattern again to make another yellow moon, and stitch it to the back of the first one, leaving a hole in the side so you can insert the stuffing:

Don't stuff it too fat, just enough to give it some poof:

Once you've stitched it closed, work your fingers around to spread out the stuffing and make it nice and even.  Then, stitch a saw-tooth hanger to the back:

You're done!  Hang it on the wall!

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