Monday, February 29, 2016

Make Curtains Out Of Bandanas

Here's how you can make curtains out of $1 bandanas that can be found well, pretty much anywhere.  Over the years, I've purchased them from Walmart, Target, Michael's, and JoAnn Fabrics.  The great thing about using these for curtains is that the edges are all already hemmed, so if you position them right, you can eliminate a big step of the project.

To start, you're going to have to decide how many to buy, unless you already have a pile at home.  If you already have even one, you can measure it, measure the window, and then do a little math to see how many will be needed to make long enough/wide enough curtains.  I did it by eye, holding up one bandana near the top by the curtain rod and gauging approximately how many I'd need.

Once you buy the number you want to use, they'll need to be washed and ironed.  I didn't wash mine first, and the end result came out pretty stiff, so I'd highly recommend washing them to soften them a little.  If you want a more distressed and/or faded look and you're not itching to assemble them right away, wash them over and over.  Definitely iron them to get rid of the creases.

Since the window I was making the curtains for is the smallest window in the house, I decided to cut mine into fours to maximize the number of colors I could use.  

Next, you'll need to lay them out to arrange your colors:

When it comes to the sewing part, you can stitch it together however you're comfortable doing it.  What I did was stitch together each horizontal pair first:

....and then stitch all the pairs together:

It turned out I miscalculated, and it came out too long.  To remedy this, I folded down the top row and hemmed it as if I'd planned all along for the curtain rod channel to look like that.  Shhh...don't tell anybody.

After you've created a channel for the rod, make the curtain for the other side the same way.  Here's what I usually do to make sure that both curtains are exactly the same length:  Lay the second curtain on top of the first, finished curtain, and make sure the bottoms match up perfectly.  Then, fold down the top until it lines up with the top of the finished curtain underneath and pin the crap out of it right at the fold, so that when you stitch down the channel for the rod, it won't be able to move and become uneven:

Now you're all set to hang them.  Mine are looking a little misshapen and stiff, as I mentioned  (wash them first!), but they fit just right:

Here they are pulled back.  I used matching ribbon and a thumbtack to pull them back, since we don't usually close the bathroom window curtains.  (The glass is frosted.)  If you'd like to be able to open and close yours, use scraps from the same bandanas you used for the curtains to make tie-backs, and if you create button holes near the ends, you can attach them to hooks.

Yay new curtains!!  They put me in mind of the old Raggedy Ann and Andy books we had as kids.  

Saturday, February 27, 2016

A Pincushion In A Box!

Another nifty little pincushion, this time all snug in a box!  I struggled with this one a bit, but I did do it without a tutorial:

For you, though, dear readers, a tutorial.  Here's a good one that gives instructions on not only how to make the cushion, but also the box:


Friday, February 26, 2016

Framed Pincushions!

In need of a new pincushion?  Here's a fairly easy way to make pretty much the coolest pincushion in town.  Your sewing circle will be so jealous!

Here's the one I made, myself.  It's Halloween-themed, because of course it is.  The frame came from the dollar bin at Michael's:

And here's a link to a step-by-step tutorial on how to make it.  With pictures!


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

101 Songs - What Good Is Love That No One Shares?

A mash-up of This Bitter Earth by Dinah Washington and On The Nature of Daylight by Max Richter.  Where the original version has a peppier vibe musically, and ends on an optimistic note, this version is considerably darker and much more emotional.  It was used to suitable effect at the end of Shutter Island.  I blubbered.  Well, I blubbered pretty much through the whole movie, but that's another blog entry.


Monday, February 22, 2016

An Unsettling Little Horror Story By Christopher

Here's a tiny horror story about madness written by Christopher.


The place is the same.  It does not change.  New people show up from time to time and cause chaos.  I don’t like new people or chaos or the mess.  I tell them all that I’m not in pain, not suffering.  Break it!  Suffocate!  I keep my house well lit with scented candles, and I like to eat food, like chocolate.  The water is toxic…burns the throat and sears the mind.  I like to dream about freedom here in this free country, again, again, again.  Birds are chicken.  I caught one yesterday and ate the chicken.  Locked the door.

So, police came to my door, asking about my friends.  I told them I’m not in pain, not suffering.  They asked to come in and look around, I said the place is the same.  It does not change.  Then chaos happened and I made two new friends.  I told them again about freedom in this free country.  Again.

Sometimes I go to the wall person and ask if he is okay.  He never responds right.  I try to ask him to be my friend and join my Facebook pile.  But he always asks me that same thing at the same time.  He is in pain and is stupid for not being my friend.  Half his face is red with blood all the time.  I say hey, what’s wrong with your head?  Then he points at it and I fall asleep.  Almost every time.

I gave my good eye to my friends.  The truth is I did not need it anymore.  I said hey Facebook, have my good eye.   Then I took it out with a butter knife.  Put it on the pile.  Everyone was so happy that day.  Later, after I lit all my scented candles, I was still bleeding.  Then I went to sleep.

I try to get the bad one out with sharp things.

One time, I killed the bad one.  But then I fell back asleep and he laughed at me when I woke up.  I told him about freedom in this free country and he knew I was right.

Sometimes I find animals in my Facebook pile.  They eat my friends.  So I shoot them and eat the animals for revenge.

I am not in pain, not suffering.

I am not in pain, not suffering.

I am not in pain, not suffering.

Want to join my Facebook pile?

Want to be my friend?

The place is the same.  It never changes.


Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Adventures of Prince Achmed

The earliest surviving animated film.  It's worth watching the whole movie.  Achmed wasn't much of a hero, I have to say.  He got upstaged pretty much constantly by a badass hairy volcano goblin.

(1926) Lotte Reiniger - 'The Adventures of... by FILMandCLIPS

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