Tuesday, March 01, 2016

A Pet Zombie To Mow My Lawn

I can deal with all kinds of monsters:  werewolves, vampires, swamp creatures, demons, ghosts....but I can't do zombies.  Even though they are the most popular monster in years, I admit, here and now, that zombies bore the crap out of me.  I do not watch The Walking Dead.  I am not preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse.  I do not dress as a zombie for Halloween.  I've never seen any of the Evil Dead movies, or even sat through Army of Darkness from beginning to end.  No zombies for me.  Yawn.

Having said all that, the Zombie Tarot must be one hell of a cool ass deck, because once I got a look at the box and few examples of the cards, I had to have it.  The examples I scanned to post here are on the less gruesome side, but rest assured, if you love the zombie gore, this deck delivers.  Body parts, rotting flesh, and gnawed brains/bones galore.  Anyway, here are some of the cards:

The deck tells a story as it goes along, of the zombie apocalypse, the fallout, and then the new normal (where humans end up using zombies as housemaids, gardeners, and general slave labor), all taking place in a kitschy mid-20th century setting.  Even with all the rot and yuck, the atmosphere of the whole thing is incredibly charming.  On the physical side, the cards are good and sturdy, good for shuffling.  This is the kind of deck to use for someone feeling iffy about having a reading.  I can't imagine anyone not getting a kick out of it.

Here's the box:

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