Saturday, March 26, 2016

Grim Grinning Ghosts Come Out To Socialize

I love ghosts.  The old-fashioned kind:  melancholy, half-transparent spirits that float around mourning lost loves and earthly regrets.  Ghosts with alarming messages for the living.  Ghosts trying vainly to communicate as if through sound-proof glass.

The Ghost Tarot delivers.

3 of Wands 
The Chariot
10 of Swords
8 of Cups
5 of Pentacles

This deck is definitely now in my top five.  I wish the cards were slightly more durable, but on the whole, they're not nearly as slippery and thin as some other decks I've reviewed.  It might be best for an intermediate to advanced reader, as the names of the cards aren't very noticeable in the minor arcana, and totally nonexistent in the major.  You really can't beat this deck for aesthetics, though.  Perfect for Halloween or reading in a romantically gloomy atmosphere, most definitely by candlelight.


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