Tuesday, March 08, 2016

So Happy Colors! Such Delicious Pretty!

I am tickled to DEATH by this one.  Seriously.  These are the cutest, sweetest, happiest things you can make out of felt.


I'm not great at making beautiful patterns, but here's my best shot.  Click to embiggen.

Start out by tracing the pattern onto your felt and cutting it out.

IMPORTANT:  Make sure to cut a slit in the middle of the "popsicle bottom" piece before you start stitching it together, in order to accommodate the popsicle stick later.

Stitch together the popsicle pieces.

If the middle strip ends up being too long, you can snip off the extra.  Be sure to leave one side open on the bottom, so you can get the stuffing in.

Next, stitch together your stick.  Now, I didn't bother to make it solid, because I knew I was going to be making these into a mobile, and wouldn't need to hold them by the stick.  If you'd like to make them into actual play food, you're going to want to use real wooden popsicle sticks.  Realize, though, that you'll still have to make the felt covering for the stick, because you'll need a way to attach it to the top part, and the flaps at the top of the felt version of the stick are integral to that:

Insert the stick into the slit you made in the bottom of the popsicle.  A few little drops of super glue on each flap, and your stick will be attached.  If you've put a wooden stick inside the felt one, don't worry if it sticks up past the flaps, it'll be invisible anyway.

Next, stuff your popsicle.  Be careful not to stuff it too fat.  Work the stuffing around and try to keep the sides from bulging out too far.  Then, stitch up the opening.

And there you have it!  Popsicle!  If you'd like to take it further and create a mobile, make lots more colors and string them up to an embroidery hoop.

The nostalgic kid-happy is overwhelming with this one.  I put mine in my kitchen, but it would also be super perfect for a kid's room or an ice cream shop or for a sun room in the summer.



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