Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cats. Cats. Cats. Twenty Two Of 'Em.

Have I ever posted about this one?  I don't think I have....maybe I have.  I don't know.  Let's pretend I never did post about it, and its all new and you've never seen it before, okay?

This deck was a gift from a friend years ago.  It's the cutest little thing, and also a collectible, so there's a double joy-whammy.  Now, I was about to type "I've never been a cat enthusiast, but I love this deck", but then I remembered that people on the internet, whether involved in the pagan community or not, tend to take cats and their importance really insanely seriously.  For some reason.  So, let me clarify.  I grew up with no less than two cats in the house at any given time.  They were country cats who, (usually, though not always) lived their lives as both loving housepets and terrifying predators.  We had a cat named Wisteria who I think really was on friendly speaking terms with Satan himself.  I think that fact was confirmed for me the day she snuck into a rabbit warren when the mom was away and half-devoured/mutilated every one of the babies.  Maybe I'll make an entry someday out of stories about her.  ANYWAY.  I will usually enjoy the company of a cat, but I don't go all gaga-crazy obsessed over them.  I've always seen them as completely fierce, independent spirits who don't need any blundering, obtuse, blind-minded humans constantly pawing at them and fussing over them and messing with their diabolical plans.  Oh, and also, as has been amply chronicled by YouTube, they are NOT allowed to walk all over my kitchen counters when I am cooking and stick their faces and paws and tongues in the foods and drinks that are meant for my consumption and get their greasy matted hair all over everything I own and leave partially-eaten animals anywhere but in the weeds outside the house and they are definitely not allowed to make my house smell like cat pee by spraying everything they have the desire to take ownership of.  Because no.  All that said, let's move on to the deck:

I wanted to make sure that you all could see the details, so I did close-ups, but the photos don't convey the size of this thing.  It's little:

It's a tiny portfolio!  SQUEE!

The portfolio is labeled " 22 Arcani 'Gatti' ", "Il Meneghello" edition.  Number 793 out of 2000.  It was printed way back in ye olden dayes of 1990!  Actually, now that I think about it, I was 14 in 1990...I'm 41 now.  I guess it really was ye olden dayes.  Okay, now I'm depressed.

The cards are printed on very heavy stock and less yellowed than the photos are making them look.  I wouldn't dare ever try to use them for a reading or shuffle them.  The cardstock is super heavy, but would absolutely get creases or bends in it if you tried to use the cards for anything but careful display, which I imagine is what it was meant for in the first place.  The deck only includes the major arcana:

The High Priestess


The Devil.  Wisteria?  Is that you??

The only criticism I have is that most of the cats look extremely similar, as if they're almost all the same cat playing different roles.  But that's a nitpick.  Overall, its a super cool little treasure.  You know, every time I've ever looked at this thing, the first thought that has popped into my head, every single time, is "I wonder if they did a Dog Tarot?"  Or, like, a whole series of animal tarot decks in tiny limited editions?  I should look into that one of these days.

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