Sunday, January 14, 2018

Next, I'll Be Making Toilet Paper Cozies With Doll Bodies On Them

Anytime I want to use a bookcase that only has two shelves, I run into the same problem:  There's a big gap in the middle where there are no peg holes.  You can either make the top shelf short and the bottom shelf ridiculously tall, or vice versa.  I had a shelf that I wanted to place tall books on, but in order to make that work, I had to drop the shelf below that peg-less gap, leaving me with all kinds of empty air above the tops of the books, which makes the space look off-kilter. The empty space constantly draws the eye (its right next to my bed) and drives me crazy-go-nuts.  So, how about something to fill that space, right?  The easiest answer was a valance.

There is nothing easier in the world to make than a valance.  It doesn't even have to be sewn if sewing is not your thing.  All you have to do is cut a strip of fabric the width and length you need, create a channel on top for the rod, maybe hem the bottom, and voila, a valance.  I'll throw some links to valance-making instructions down here if you're interested in doing this yourself.  Hell, you might want to create an overly-tall bookshelf on purpose just you can do the valance thing because it looks nice and adds charm and homeyness to the room.  You know, you could even make a valance or little curtains, and use the shelf as a stage for a diorama.  That would actually be really cool.  Hmmm....I may have to try that, myself....

Follow the link for valance-making instructions.  There's a lot of leeway to be had on how technical you can get on something like this, but at least a modicum of measuring is definitely needed, depending on how ruffled you want your finished product to be:

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