Monday, January 15, 2018

Possibly The Perfect Tarot Deck

Tonight's deck is one I've always just called "The Barnes and Noble Tarot".  I figured it had to have some official name, but all I knew was that the only place I'd ever seen it for sale was at Barnes and Noble, in the spinny rack of desktop-sized work distractions that they keep up by the registers...tiny Stonehenge models and golf games and Harry Potter wands.  Apparently, this deck does have a name, though, and it's Tarot Nova.

It's so little and cute!!

This thing hits all my right buttons:  It's small and adorable, it comes in a small and adorable box, it's got a small and adorable companion book, and all the components sit together so neatly and so orderly in the small and adorable box, that it just makes the organizer in me fall to pieces with dollhouse-sized delight.  The artwork is also adorable.  Simplistic, but full of color and personality.  It follows Rider-Waite traditions and flows nicely.  I especially love the colored corners, which more card artists should get down with, in my opinion. The cards themselves are thinner than you would expect, but durable, though I have to tell you, I've done readings with this one, and it is a nightmare to try and shuffle if you do the fan thing like I do.  The cards are too stiff, their size makes the pile very fat, and the shape of them does not lend itself well to being manipulated physically.  The cards also tend to like to stick together, due to the edges being ever so slightly curled, which also gets in the way of proper shuffling.

To give you an idea of the size

That said, there's something about this deck.  Something that resonates with people.  The first time I did a professional reading with it, the client loved it so much they demanded I give them the deck.  (This person was my boss at the time, so I didn't argue.  Oh, and in case anyone wonders who may be reading this, I am not Wiccan. I'm not bound to those rules they have about not charging for services of this kind.  I'm proud to say that my prices run *considerably* lower than average, and I don't charge friends and family.  Or bosses.)  Anyhoo, I went and bought another one.  And the next time I showed it to someone, they squeed so hard I couldn't resist, and made them a gift of it.  Sooo...I went and bought yet another one.  I imagine one day, someone else will flip out over it and I'll give it away again, and by then I'll have to buy one from Amazon because Barnes and Noble will have petered out completely and closed like every other bookstore on Earth these days.  I've had all kinds of decks over the years, and done professional and personal readings with numerous different ones, but Tarot Nova has been the only one that I've had people get this excited about, or merely straight out ask me to hand over to their possession.  I'm not saying this deck is special in a mystical way.  The power never lies in the cards, but the reader and the....the read-ee, I guess?  But the art, the size maybe?, the layout?....something about these ones hits buttons in people.

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